THE morning after the 2014 NAB AFL Draft, the clubs were quick to parade their new acquisitions in front of the media. Take a look below at the young guns who will be lighting up your club's list next year.

New Saints Hugh Goddard and Paddy McCartin get serious on the beach. (Picture: AFL Media)
New Gold Coast tall Peter Wright is left wondering where the sunshine went. (Picture: Getty Images)
Magpie Darcy Moore joins Angus Brayshaw and Jayden Laverde for a chat (Picture: AFL Media)
Top 10 talent Paddy McCartin, Caleb Marchbank, Nakia Cockatoo and Isaac Heeney (Picture: AFL Media)
The day after the night before - the draftees take to the Gold Coast sand (Picture: AFL Media)
Some Gold Coast tourists get a piece of the draft action. (Picture: AFL Media)
New Eagle Liam Duggan gets to grips with the media game. (Picture: AFL Media)
A pensive Jake Lever ponders the next step in his football career. (Picture: Getty Images)
A Giant trio of Paul Ahern, Caleb Marchbank and Jarrod Pickett have fun in the sun. (Picture: Getty images)

Darcy Moore and Nakia Cockatoo put pen to leather on draft night. (Picture: AFL Media)

Angus Brayshaw reacts to be picked by the Demons with the No.3 selection. (Picture: AFL Media)

The moment: Paddy McCartin is selected by the Saints with pick No.1 (Picture: AFL Media)  

A talented line-up: 20 gun draftees take a walk on the Gold Coast sand. (Picture: AFL Media)