INJURED Adelaide defender Matt Jaensch is confident he'll return to the game inside the 12-months normally predicted for knee reconstruction rehabilitation.

Jaensch ruptured the ACL in his left knee while trying to make an innocuous turn against St Kilda in round seven.

Speaking to media on Tuesday, an upbeat Jaensch joked that he'd be back for the first week of the finals.

Realistically he'll be sidelined for much longer, but the improving backman still tipped an earlier return than expected for such an injury.

"The doctors and surgeons have told me it's going to be 12 months, but I believe I recover quickly so hopefully I can get that to 10 months and see how I go," Jaensch said.

"I keep telling Andy Otten (another Adelaide knee reconstruction victim) anything he can do I can do better, he's looking at playing in the next month or so, so my goal is to beat [his recovery time].

"I'm a kid who just loves playing footy so it is tough. I had some sad moments straight after the game when mum and dad were in the rooms but you've just got to get over it.

"It's a team game, it's not about me – enjoyment is watching the boys play and seeing them win."

Jaensch has a number of teammates with knee reconstruction experience to lean on.

Hawthorn defender Matt Suckling also sent the Crows star a text message and has been offering advice on how to handle the extensive rehabilitation.

Otten ruptured his ACL late last season, while captain Taylor Walker has returned well after his 2013 reconstruction.

Walker might want to be careful when helping Jaensch through his recovery though, after the serial prankster nominated the captain as his next victim.

It won't be an unprovoked attack – Jaensch returned home after his injury to find six tons of firewood in his driveway courtesy of 'Tex'.

Jaensch has an open fire at home, but he felt the sheer volume of wood tipped the gesture into practical joke territory.

"I came home to my house and there's about six ton of wood in my driveway so I've got 12 months to plan revenge," he said. 

"Taylor Walker doesn't pay for anything so I think he might have got a good deal. 

"He's in a bit of trouble … stay tuned."