MELBOURNE midfielder Angus Brayshaw will miss at least the next two weeks after he suffered his fourth concussion in a year but the hard nut says the reoccurrence of the injury is just "bad luck".

Brayshaw, 21, copped a head knock against the Northern Blues on Sunday at Preston City Oval when Jed Lamb inadvertently hit him high in the first three minutes of the game. 

The No.3 NAB AFL Draft selection from 2014 was also concussed against North Ballarat in April and told his brain was fine. 

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"It's just footy, isn't it? It's bad luck. I got hit after I got rid of it three weeks ago, and on the weekend I was just going for a 50-50 ball and got a pretty solid whack," Brayshaw said.

"If you're trying to connect dots, I don't think they're there to connect.

"It's just really bad luck. That's the best way to describe them and that's the way I'm looking at it.

"The tests that I've had done certainly say my brain's healthy so I think you've just got to take each of them (the concussions) by themselves." 

Demons football manager Josh Mahoney said Brayshaw wouldn't necessarily be on the sidelines for an extended period.

"The plan moving forward will be a combination of recovery, as well as having Angus return to training to set-up drills that allow him to improve his technique, as well as gradually introducing more contact to improve his confidence," Mahoney said. 

"In terms of timeframes, Angus will miss the next two weeks and from that point on, it becomes a week-to-week proposition. Angus will return when he feels comfortable and confident in his ability to perform."

Brayshaw and the club will consult a range of experts to determine the best course of action.

"I'm actually recovering quite well, all things considered. The first step is to recover from the concussion symptoms I'm feeling at the moment," Brayshaw said.

"I'll get on top of that and then basically what's next is we're going to, as a club, consult a lot of other concussion experts. Once we've collected all the information we can, we'll use that to make the best decision possible."

"We're in no hurry and ultimately we're going to do what's best for my playing future."

Brayshaw played the first two games of the season but hasn't been seen in the senior team since.

"I want to play footy, it's really that simple for me, but obviously at the same time, I want to look after my brain. I'll be working really closely with a lot of experts to figure out the safest way to do that," he said.