MITCH Clark's manager Colin Young has launched a stinging response to Fremantle coach Ross Lyon's reaction to rumours linking the key forward to the Dockers. 

Young said Fremantle blew its opportunity to acquire Clark in 2011 and said the club made "a massive error" in the way they handled the trade at the time. 

He also expressed surprise that Lyon chose to comment on Clark's health in the days ahead of Fremantle's must-win semi-final against Port Adelaide. 

Earlier on Tuesday, Lyon dismissed the possibility of his club luring Clark to Fremantle after Young had confirmed on Sunday the 26-year-old was contemplating a return to football.

"Mitch … what's his name?" the Fremantle coach said.

"I think he had an opportunity to come to this club that he didn't want to come to."

Clark retired in April after being diagnosed with clinical depression. 

Young, who manages several Fremantle players, provided with a written statement on Tuesday afternoon. 

"Firstly, I’m staggered that I need to reply to Ross Lyon's comments due to the importance of this week to the Fremantle Football Club and its players. 

"I would have thought his total focus would have been on this week’s final, not Mitch's health. Ross could have contacted Mitch to see how he was travelling but makes comments that are totally out of character for Ross.

"The other issue about Mitch Clark missing his opportunity to play for Fremantle is a joke. 

"The entire AFL industry knows that Fremantle made a massive error in how they handled that possible trade, as it should have been done in the first two days of trade week. 

"The trade was a no-brainer and Fremantle messed up what really was impossible to do. Ross should check with his CEO and find out what really transpired that week. I’m still shocked that no one has been made accountable for the trade of a lifetime gone wrong. 

"Maybe Ross is just turning the media’s attention of the importance of this week’s match, who knows? 

"I have made it public knowledge that Fremantle-Mitch Clark rumours are incorrect."

During Tuesday morning's press conference Lyon added Fremantle's list management committee would likely discuss the former Melbourne-listed forward at some point, but he was uncomfortable talking about Clark's situation. 

"I understand that he's not a very well young man, that's what I know.

"From me at the minute, I'm a bit confused by it all. On the outside, it's a very serious issue. He seems like not a well man and mental health is clearly the issue.

"So, I feel pretty uncomfortable talking about it at the minute."

Fremantle had previously courted Clark in 2011 when he chose to leave the Brisbane Lions after six seasons. 

Clark appeared set to join the Dockers before signing with Melbourne. Melbourne traded pick No.12 for Clark. 

Clark has played just 15 matches in three seasons at Melbourne and has not played since round four 2013 due to a serious foot injury.

Lyon was pressed further on whether he would definitely rule out Clark joining Fremantle and he reiterated that the West Australian had previously turned down the chance to play with the Dockers.

"I would never make a close-ended statement but I think it's a moot point," Lyon said.

"We have an unhealthy young man.

"But he did have an opportunity to come here that he didn't take."