MICK Malthouse has always backed himself.

No one in VFL/AFL has coached more games than Malthouse and on this week's In The Game with Damian Barrett, he explains why he thinks he could still coach at the elite level.

But despite all his premierships, accolades and experience, Malthouse believes that in today's industry he would never be chosen.

"I know I could coach again, but I won't. One, I know I won't be offered a job and two, it wouldn't be fair on my family."

"It would never happen. I'm sure it's because of age."

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In his interview with In The Game, Malthouse reveals the list he inherited at Carlton was "diabolical", but he doesn't regret taking on the challenge of the Navy Blues.

"I wanted to move a fair few players on. The salary cap was up to pussy's bow. Most players were contracted for one, two and three years.

"It was quite atrocious in many respects that they allowed the list to get like it was, for a side that was middle-average."

Malthouse also speaks in depth about his bizarre mid-season trade from St Kilda to Richmond, his philosophy as a coach and the impact his career has had on his family.

Episode guide

1:00 On family and grandkids

3:00 Reflection and hindsight 

8:00 How did Malthouse balance life and pressure of coaching an AFL side? 

10:00 Lessons learned from his time at St Kilda

12:15 His bizarre trade to Richmond

16:00 On the 'us against them' mentality

18:15 Why Malthouse owes so much to Alan Schwab

23:45 "There's one thing you never know, and that's when you're finished."

26:30 "I always backed myself"

28:30 Does Malthouse regret taking the Carlton gig?

32:30 "The list was diabolical"

37:15 On his games coaching record

39:00 Malthouse’s relationship with the media

43:00 Could he coach again?