ICONIC Australian cricketer Shane Warne will be considered for a St Kilda board position under the presidency of Andrew Bassat.

Speaking on the In the Game with Damian Barrett podcast, the Saints' head honcho revealed the master leg-spinner could eventually have much closer ties to the club.

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"We're actually fortunate, there's a range of people that have sort of started to engage with the club, Shane being one of them, who are passionate about the club, who want to help," Bassat said. 

"Shane's already been helpful to us when we ask and so getting him more involved would be great."

When pressed about whether that would involve a board position, Bassat didn't rule it out.

"Oh look, possibly. It's not something that's been discussed in detail but I think Shane's both a very smart person and a very capable person," Bassat said. 

"His sporting brain is quite incredible, so if we can get him engaged in one capacity or another, we'll certainly consider that for sure." 

Warne was a full-forward in the club's under-19s team before going on to dominate batsmen around the world en route to 708 Test wickets. 

Bassat, who co-founded job searching website SEEK, took over the reins at St Kilda from Peter Summers late last year and has overseen a stunning turnaround early in his reign, with the Saints sitting 4-1.

He explained why he took on the job. 

"It's a good question. Quite a few of my friends asked me that," Bassat said.

"The short answer is I love the club. I love football and I love the club. I needed to be convinced I could actually help and make a difference but I think I was convinced of that, and hopefully I can make a small difference. 

"Also, we've got some really good people at the club now. The CEO's really good. A lot of his team are really good, both on the football side and on the non-football side."

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