MELBOURNE defender Christian Salem has signed a new contract with the club until the end of 2021.

The 23-year-old's deal was due to expire at the end of this season, but has now signed a two-year extension.

Salem said the deal was done relatively quickly.

"I probably wasn't too fussed about it, as I knew it was going to happen eventually – it was just a matter of when. But it was good to get it done before the season," Salem told the Melbourne website.

"Last year was probably my most consistent year in terms of being able to stay out on the field.

"I'm just looking to go to a higher level in all aspects of my game."

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Salem has played 70 games in the red and blue since being selected with pick No.9 in the 2013 NAB AFL Draft.

He played every game except one in 2018, missing a week with a broken thumb, and made the transition from an inside midfielder to a half-back flanker.

Melbourne's general manager of football operations, Josh Mahoney, said the club was excited Salem had signed a contract extension.

"We've been really impressed by hit development, particularly over the past few years," Mahoney told the club website.

"He gives us a lot of variety with the positions he can play … and he's entering a good stage of his career where his best is well ahead of him."