COUNSELLING sessions during his first year at Brisbane led to Mitch Robinson being diagnosed with ADHD – and allowed his coaches to get the best out of him.

In this week’s episode of In the Game with Damian Barrett, Robinson details the most difficult period of his AFL career. Starting with his surprise axing from Carlton after 100 games to arriving in Brisbane with a chip on his shoulder, mainly for financial reasons.

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Robinson was sacked from the Blues after a number of off-field incidents, including being involved in a fight and helping to cover for teammate Jeff Garlett in another.

The 29-year-old was offered a lifeline by Brisbane ahead of the 2015 season and started seeing a counsellor.

"I got some tests done and they said 'you've been diagnosed with ADHD'," Robinson said.

"I started taking the tablets for a bit and then I just didn't feel right and I stopped that.

"It didn't mellow me out, it just made me drowsy and a little bit sick. I didn't like that.

"The coaches are really good, they've all got teaching backgrounds.

"They can communicate with me on better levels, which is good. I'm more a show me on the field what I'm doing instead of in the books."

Robinson has been exceptional in the first month of the season, playing a variety of roles to help the Lions to a 3-1 start.

He shut down North Melbourne's Aaron Hall in the second half of a round two comeback victory and was then thrown into the centre square to ignite a late flurry against Port Adelaide a week later.

Episode guide

1:00 – How being sacked by Carlton changed everything

7:30 – 'I owe Greg Swann everything'

8:20 – The one-year offer on 'below rookie wages' Robinson rejected

9:35 – Arriving in Brisbane with a chip on his shoulder

10:45 – Family time, date nights and keeping a diary 

12:54 – Robinson, the club barber

17:40 – A role in recruiting Charlie Cameron

19:40 – Career-best GPS

22:05 – ADHD diagnoses in 2015

24:30 – On tagging: 'I've shutdown Dusty a few times' 

26:20 – Belief building at Brisbane 

27:55 – Fagan and Hodge

29:28 – The new Lion making an amazing impact in 2019

30:20 – The reason behind Robinson's sports journalism degree

32:20 – Esport and the future of sport