A NEW AFL.com.au podcast designed to help fans understand the game at a deeper level is making its debut this week.

'Trends' will be hosted by reporter Marc McGowan, who will speak to some of the AFL's sharpest minds to break down the tactics at the elite level and discuss the best players and teams in an easy-to-digest format.

The podcast begins after a year in which the sport was analysed like never before, followed by the AFL introducing nine new rules and interpretations for season 2019.

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It won't just be for the diehards and footy nerds, but also the average fan who wants to learn more about what they're watching each weekend.

The AFL's coaching innovation and education manager, David Rath, and umpiring and game analysis lead, Brett Munro, are the guests in this week's first episode.

Rath and Munro offer insights into last year's state of the game review, why the AFL decided on the rules it introduced, what they noticed in round one and whether teams adjust their strategies mid-season. 

Podcast summary 

2:25 – The process behind the new rules
3:55 – Where the lack of scoring fit into the state of the game discussion
4:41 – The AFL's three key objectives
6:45 – How the AFL decided on the nine new rules and interpretations
8:08 – Is it too early to make a call on the impact of the new rules?
10:16 – The wingman's role in 2019
13:40 – Jarman Impey, Seb Ross and the balance between offence and defence
14:39 – Why was scoring down in round one?
16:15 – Has Port Adelaide changed its gameplan or was the weekend strategy just for Melbourne?
18:48 – How often do teams tweak or change their approach based on the opposition?
21:00 – The "battle of wills" in the coaches' box

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