BRISBANE ruckman Stefan Martin says Greater Western Sydney forward Jeremy Cameron should be hit with a lengthy suspension following his high knock on Harris Andrews.  

Cameron will face the Tribunal on Tuesday night, and Martin said it was "appropriate" the Giants forward be sanctioned with a penalty that fit the indiscretion.  

BLEEDING ON THE BRAIN Concern for Andrews

"All players know these days those kind of hits are going to be met with some repercussions," Martin said.  

Andrews has been ruled out for at least the next two weeks after suffering a small bleed on the brain following the incident on Saturday night.

He will be re-assessed by a neurosurgeon in two weeks, and the club says there's no reason to believe Andrews won't make a full recovery.

However, after losing Jonathan Brown, Matt Maguire and Justin Clarke to retirement in the past four years due to concussion-related issues, the Lions are taking a safety-first approach with their vice-captain.

"It obviously looked really graphic," Martin said.  

"It was pretty hard to see Harris on the ground making noises and right out of it."   

"We've seen enough times that it can end careers, it would have to go through your mind.

"Having said that, there's no reason so far from what the neurosurgeon has said to make us think that's on the cards.

"He's really confident Harris will fully bounce back.

"It always goes through your mind, especially the way we saw him on the ground, he didn't look good."

BAD RECORD Cameron set for date with Tribunal

Martin was on the receiving end of an illegal bump by Gold Coast's Steven May in 2016 that saw the Suns co-captain cop a five-week suspension.

"I think most blokes in the AFL are genuinely good blokes," he said.

"There's that fine line you tread. It's going to happen.

"I could do it next week, who knows.

"As long as they show some sort of remorse, everyone's going to accept that."