SHAKING hands after a game is a football tradition, but Adelaide forward Josh Jenkins got an unexpected surprise when he approached Geelong swingman Harry Taylor. 

"When we separated there was ham in my palm," Jenkins told radio station FiveAA on Tuesday afternoon. 

"It was probably about 25 grams worth from the deli. 

"I wasn't getting too close to it … I was going to throw up. 

"It was that small an amount you could have it hidden in your sock. 

"I was dumbfounded." 

Jenkins was in doubt last Friday night's win over the Cats at Adelaide Oval after having a case of gastro from eating a dodgy ham early last week. 

He lost seven kilograms and spent a couple of days on the toilet before recovering in time to take his place in the side. 

Making the story more bizarre is that Jenkins and Taylor barely know each other. 

"We share a manager, but I've never really had a conversation with him," Jenkins said.

"He's a different cat."