Having fought hard to rectify obvious skill errors in their game for many years, it appears the Crows are beginning to see reward for effort. They're in the League's top four for turnovers from a skill error, largely due to their significantly improved foot skills. Rory Laird might have conceded more points than any other Crow, but he plays one of the riskiest roles – sparking attack from defence. Scott Thompson’s crash-and-bash style is prone to turnovers but Adelaide would be lost without it. - Harry Thring

Points conceded from turnovers in 2016: 45.5 a game (ranked sixth)
Giveaways (turnovers from an error): 85 (ranked fourth)
Most turnovers this season: Scott Thompson (26)
Most points conceded from turnovers: Rory Laird (29)


For anyone watching the Lions through the first month, it's been plain to see turnovers have been their biggest killer. The anomaly is that while they've conceded the most points from turnovers, they are the most frugal with giveaways. Dig a little deeper though and you'll see that unforced giveaways is their Achilles heel – ranked 15th in the comp. They're being bolder with ball movement from the back half, but cough it up too easily, and any missed kick – generally unforced – is being punished with quick transition and opposition goals. - Michael Whiting

Points conceded from turnovers in 2016: 73.8 a game (ranked 18th)
Giveaways (turnovers from an error): 74 (ranked first)
Most turnovers this season: Tom Cutler (19)
Most points conceded from turnovers: Harris Andrews (42) 


The Blues are working hard to implement Brendon Bolton's game-plan of moving the ball quickly by hand and foot, and their skill errors, often committed in trying to switch play to find the right angles, have proved costly in the opening four rounds. As the coach readily admits, they lack polish. At this stage Carlton has conceded an average of five points a game more from turnovers this year than in 2015, so there is plenty of room for improvement. 
- Howard Kotton 

Points conceded from turnovers in 2016: 66 a game (ranked 13th)
Giveaways (turnovers from an error): 86 (ranked equal fifth)
Most turnovers this season: Bryce Gibbs, Kade Simpson, Zach Tuohy (19)
Most points conceded from turnovers: Zach Tuohy (33) 


As a man who was such a powerful and precise kick in his playing days, Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley must become exasperated with the elementary skill errors his players make. Buckley has endeavoured to make his teams more daring yet calculated with their ball use, but it has become evident that the Magpies don't boast many reliable, let alone creative, kicking exponents. Ranked 15th in giveaways, and 14th in the unforced variety, the Pies have too often been left exposed by a combination of poor decision-making and poor execution. A classic example was Tom Langdon's howler that effectively ended their revival against Melbourne. Indeed, it was one of the "million-dollar kicks" that skipper Scott Pendlebury later said was killing the Pies. - Ben Collins 

Points conceded from turnovers in 2016: 65.8 a game (ranked 12th)
Giveaways (turnovers from an error): 112 (ranked 15th)
Most turnovers this season: Levi Greenwood (27)
Most points conceded from turnovers: Ben Sinclair (21) 


It shouldn't be a surprise that Essendon is ranked at the bottom of the competition for giving away the ball, given it lost many of its skilled and experienced players to season-long bans in January. The team out there now hasn't had much time to train and play together, so can be out of sync compared to its opposition. The Bombers are rated last for giveaways and unforced giveaways, where they lose possession under no pressure. It's perhaps a bit of a surprise classy midfielder David Zaharakis tops the Bombers for turnovers given his silk, but it's probably due to the fact he is averaging 32 disposals in the opening four rounds. A few might not hit the target when you're amassing so much of the footy. - Callum Twomey 

Points conceded from turnovers in 2016: 56.3 a game (ranked ninth)
Giveaways (turnovers from an error): 121 (18th)
Most turnovers this season: David Zaharakis (28)
Most points conceded from turnovers: David Zaharakis (19) 

A high number of disposals leads to high turnovers for David Zaharakis. Picture: AFL Media


The Dockers' skill errors in the back half have been extremely costly for them this season and a huge contributor to their 0-4 start. Ross Lyon has lamented his side's skill execution and decision-making at times. The Dockers did more kicking over the pre-season in a bid to improve their ball movement, particularly out of defence, but it hasn't paid dividends. Only Richmond, St Kilda and the Brisbane Lions have conceded more scores from turnovers. Even more damning is that only Essendon and St Kilda have committed more unforced turnovers, with kicks or handballs that are deemed not under pressure. - Alex Malcolm

Points conceded from turnovers in 2016: 67.5 a game (ranked 15th)
Giveaways (turnovers from an error): 99 (ranked 12th)
Most turnovers this season: Stephen Hill (23)
Most points conceded from turnovers: Cameron Sutcliffe (32) 


Geelong has not faced the toughest opponents in the past two games but it has been stingy in defence throughout the season. In 2015, the Cats struggled, conceding an average of 47.8 points from turnovers a game to be ranked 10th in the competition. But this season, with Cam Guthrie, Harry Taylor, Andrew Mackie and Corey Enright kicking the ball into a competitive midfield, the Cats have improved. Their ball use has been outstanding, seeing them ranked third after four games and their transition from defence to the forward 50 has been better as a result. The real test will come when the Cats play more competitive opposition in the next six weeks.  - Peter Ryan 

Points conceded from turnovers in 2016: 32.8 a game (ranked first)
Giveaways (turnovers from an error): 88 (ranked equal eighth)
Most turnovers this season: Tom Hawkins (18)
Most points conceded from turnovers: Corey Enright (15)

Gold Coast

Although they slipped up last weekend, it's easy to see why the Suns have started 3-1 with their improved ball use. They are mid-table for giveaways, which is a vast improvement on previous seasons, and concede the fourth fewest points from turnovers. One mantra the Suns have pushed this season is working both ways, so once they make an error, the entire team works hard defensively to win it back. - Michael Whiting

Points conceded from turnovers in 2016: 43.3 a game (ranked fourth)
Giveaways (turnovers from an error): 95 (ranked 11th)
Most turnovers this season: Aaron Hall (22)
Most points conceded from turnovers: Aaron Hall (25) 

Aaron Hall's breakout season is seeing him gain tight attention. Picture: AFL Media


The Giants' style of play is built around quick ball movement to get their runners out in space, so it's surprising to learn that they're ranked 12th for uncontested giveaways, meaning they're turning the footy over under no pressure. The main offenders are midfielders, with their ball use going inside 50 a slight issue for coach Leon Cameron, but the return of star forward Jeremy Cameron from suspension will give the side a leading target to hit up instead of bombing the ball long to a contest. - Adam Curley 

Points conceded from turnovers in 2016: 51 points per game (ranked eighth)
Giveaways (turnovers from an error): 87 (ranked seventh)
Most turnovers this season: Tom Scully (25)
Most points conceded from turnovers: Dylan Shiel (25) 


The Hawks are renowned for using the football precisely, and despite tinkering with the game-plan and the forward structure in the absence of Jarryd Roughead their requirement for elite kicking skills hasn't changed. Regular Hawk watchers know that for all his improvement and importance to the side, Taylor Duryea is good for one possession howler per game, while Sam Mitchell wins so much of the ball that he can be excused the odd turnover. More good than bad comes from those hands and those feet. - Ashley Browne 

Points conceded from turnovers in 2016: 44 a game (ranked 14th)
Giveaways (turnovers from an error): 88 (ranked equal eighth)
Most turnovers this season: Sam Mitchell (22)
Most points conceded from turnovers: Taylor Duryea (25) 


Melbourne is taking more risks with the football, with the Demons focusing heavily on producing fluent ball movement in 2016. Led by senior assistant Simon Goodwin and game analyst and education coordinator Craig Jennings, the Demons worked diligently during the pre-season to create a more attacking game plan that would lead to improved scores. Shifting Christian Salem and Bernie Vince to half-back was also a planned move to ensure the Demons have better distribution of the football from defence. - Ben Guthrie

Points conceded from turnovers in 2016: 58.8 a game (ranked 11th)
Giveaways (turnovers from an error): 105 (ranked 13th)
Most turnovers this season: Jack Viney (24)
Most points conceded from turnovers: Jack Viney (26) 

Jack Viney feels the pressure last weekend against North Melbourne. Picture: AFL Media

North Melbourne

The Roos don't cough up the ball as much as most sides, but they're being exposed when they do. North is the AFL's fifth-best team at preventing giveaways and unforced giveaways, a major tick in this era of fast-break footy. The problem is, when the Kangas do gift the ball to their rivals, they're getting caught out. North is middle of the road for points conceded from turnovers, but considering they're leaking at least three more goals a game from turnovers than finals rivals Geelong, the Western Bulldogs and the Eagles, it's an area that needs to be tightened up. - Travis King

Points conceded from turnovers in 2016: 53.8 a game (ranked ninth)
Giveaways (turnovers from an error): 86 (ranked equal fifth)
Most turnovers this season: Michael Firrito (22)
Most points conceded from turnovers: Shaun Atley (25) 

Port Adelaide

The Power's poor start to 2016 is reflected by their turnover stats. It's simply unacceptable for any side hoping to play finals to be turning the ball over as often as Port has. It reeks of low confidence. Like any attacking half-back, Matthew Broadbent is susceptible to turning the ball over in a dangerous area of the ground, hence he leads the Power for points conceded, while Brad Ebert's contested game has contributed to his 28 turnovers. - Harry Thring

Points conceded from turnovers in 2016: 67.3 a game (ranked 14th)
Giveaways (turnovers from an error): 118 (ranked 17th) 
Most turnovers this season: Brad Ebert (28)
Most points conceded from turnovers: Sam Gray, Matthew Broadbent (27)


Turnovers have been the biggest flaw in the Tigers' game this season and the main reason they are 1-3. They are failing to hit targets with handballs and that is leaving teammates to make pressured disposals that have little chance of finding teammates. Too often they're hopelessly out of position once the ball is turned over and their opposition cruise the other way to score. Interestingly, the Tigers have avoided turnovers when not under pressure (ranking third for unforced giveaways), but they crumble as soon as the heat comes. - Nathan Schmook  

Points conceded from turnovers in 2016: 69.8 a game (ranked 16th)
Giveaways (turnovers from an error): 109 (ranked 14th)
Most turnovers this season: Bachar Houli (24)
Most points conceded from turnovers: Bachar Houli (38) 

St Kilda

Coach Alan Richardson encourages his players to be aggressive with their ball movement, but the Saints don't have enough elite ball-users for the risky option to consistently pay off. Jade Gresham was drafted at No.18 last year and will improve the team's ball movement when he becomes a regular senior player. St Kilda ranked 15th for points conceded from turnovers last year so there hasn't been any great change, but as the younger players mature, the Saints will improve their disposal. - Dinny Navaratnam 

Points conceded from turnovers in 2016: 73 (ranked 17th)
Giveaways (turnovers from an error): 116 (ranked 16th)
Most turnovers this season: Jack Steven (27)
Most points conceded from turnovers: Sam Fisher, Leigh Montagna, Jack Newnes (26) 

Sydney Swans

The star-studded Swans midfield wins plenty of their own footy, but the likes of Josh Kennedy, Luke Parker, Kieren Jack and Dan Hannebery also work hard to create space and time for their teammates all over the ground, helping limit their giveaway rate. Turnovers from their back 50 hurt the side in 2015, but the likes of Jeremy Laidler (84.5 per cent), Dane Rampe (76.3 per cent) and Ted Richards (75 per cent) have improved their disposal efficiency and eliminated those costly errors from their game. - Adam Curley

Points conceded from turnovers in 2016: 45.8 per game (ranked seventh)
Giveaways (turnovers from an error): 80 (ranked second)
Most turnovers this season: Tom Mitchell (25)
Most points conceded from turnovers: Tom Mitchell, Callum Mills, Nick Smith (25) 

Tom Mitchell is getting high numbers, both good and bad. Picture: AFL Media

West Coast

Save for the dismal display against Hawthorn in round two, West Coast could be leading all categories when it comes to retaining possession. The Eagles sit just behind Geelong and the Western Bulldogs for the least points conceded from turnovers. Their ability to win the contest and then defend in their attacking half is a huge reason why they are so hard to score against off turnovers. They rank third for total giveaways and fourth for unforced giveaways. Andrew Gaff is a surprising leader in turnovers, but given he has had more kicks than anyone else in the competition it's reasonable to expect his raw number of missed targets would be higher. Many would be in the forward half as the Eagles are re-entering a crowded forward 50, having forced a turnover themselves. - Alex Malcolm

Points conceded from turnovers in 2016: 35.3 a game (ranked third)
Giveaways (turnovers from an error): 81 (ranked third)
Most turnovers this season: Andrew Gaff (25)
Most points conceded from turnovers: Jeremy McGovern (25) 

Western Bulldogs

With Luke Beveridge employing a high-risk, high-reward game plan, the Dogs have done well to sit only behind Geelong on average turnovers per game. Their sound skills and decision-making have held them in good stead. They're mid-table when comes to unforced errors. Defensive playmaker Shane Biggs leads the club for turnovers, but that's understandable considering the 24-year-old's daring and attacking mindset. - Ryan Davidson

Points conceded from turnovers in 2016: 34.5 a game (ranked second)
Giveaways (turnovers from an error): 92 (ranked ninth)
Most turnovers this season: Shane Biggs (21)
Most points conceded from turnovers: Marcus Bontempelli (18)