IT WAS great to be back to normality with the byes a distant memory.

It wasn't all smooth sailing however, with poor form and injuries ensuring it will be a rough road toward a finals berth over the next three weeks as every decision from here has that 'make or break' feel. 

Fantasy Pig

Last week's Presti recipient responded how true Fantasy champions should – with a round-high score! After a poor outing last week, Jack Steven was outstanding against the Bombers with a whopping 158 from 41 touches and 12 tackles. Would you believe he was the only player on the ground not to take a mark?!

A huge effort with plenty of Pig tendencies, highlighted by his late goal to seal the win and add a bonus nine points to an already huge score.

Honourable mention: Patrick Dangerfield may find himself coming under serious consideration at the end of the year to be only the third player in Fantasy history to be crowned a snout.

He was outstanding again this week, recording the third-highest score of the round with 139 from 34 possessions, six marks, four tackles and a goal.

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Fantasy Prestigiacomo

Unfortunately we haven't seen the best of Heath Shaw for a number of weeks as opposition teams are putting more attention into minimising his control of the game from half back. This week he was tagged by Brent Macaffer who did a great job, holding Shaw to just three marks on his way to 69. His low scores of late are tough to take for his coaches, but he is a bargain in the waiting for anyone looking to swoop on him as soon as he turns it around.  

Honourable mention: Just when it looked like Jarrad McVeigh had turned things around for his coaches, they were given a brisk reminder that he is no longer a top-six defender with a disappointing score of 52 from 15 touches, and three tackles, failing to take a mark for the game.

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Oleg Markov, take a bow. Just when it looked as though cash cows were becoming few and far between, this Tiger (Fantasy forward) stood up on debut, taking an impressive nine marks and gathering 18 possessions at over 80 per cent efficiency which will do his job security no harm.

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The top 10 

Jack Steven: 158
Jack Grimes: 140
Patrick Dangerfield: 139
Jesse Hogan: 135
Touk Miller: 135
Peter Wright: 131
Lachie Neale: 130
Kieren Jack: 127
Zach Merrett: 126

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Fantasy Mailbag

Yep, a great option! Don't hesitate.

Both are great and the Crows' run home is sensational. Having said that, $50k would be handy in the kitty. But if I have to answer... Sloane.

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Certainly playing like it! Grab him if you haven't already.

I will, possibly to Aaron Hall. 

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