ADAM Goodes' controversial indigenous war cry has been given the AFL's stamp of approval.

The Sydney Swans star divided opinion on Friday night when he celebrated a goal in the Swans' win over Carlton by advancing on a pocket of Blues supporters while performing the traditional dance. 

However, AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan came out in support of Goodes on Sunday.

"We are a big enough game to accept and celebrate this type of expression," McLachlan told Channel Nine. 

"The Indigenous Round is a time to celebrate reconciliation and it's a time to reflect on the changes that still need to happen. 

"Adam Goodes has my full support and the full support of the AFL."

Goodes stands by war cry celebration against Blues

The booing Goodes receives from opposition fans has been the subject of much debate with his term as Australian of the Year, the way he plays the game and racial undertones all put forward as reasons for the adverse reaction.

Hawthorn's Shaun Burgoyne believes it to be a combination of all three factors, but whatever the motivation, he called for an end to it. 

"I hate the booing ... he's a champion person and a champion player," Burgoyne told Channel Seven.

"I think he's earned respect over 18 or 19 years of playing the game. He's very outspoken about his culture and his beliefs, which is great. 

"It's tough seeing a mate of yours go through this.

"I believe all of our champions deserve to be appreciated for what they've given to the game." 

McGuire denies 'violent' comment on Goodes' celebration

Burgoyne felt that Goodes' war cry had been taken out of context. 

"I think the Carlton fans should be proud that he's doing it to them," he said.

"In no way do I think he was meaning to make them angry. 

"I think it was a show of respect."

Adam Goodes performs an indigenous war cry after a goal against Carlton. Picture: Channel Seven