Six things we learned from round 12
• Who fired or flopped for your team in this weekend's state leagues?

THE SECOND week of the byes is over, so it's time to get rid of some round 13 cash cows. It's also a great excuse to 'rage trade' some underperforming premiums with an eye on players who are fresh off their holiday.

Fantasy Pig

Out of nowhere, Bernie Vince has hit top form and in turn, earned himself a Pig nomination. He has been outstanding the last few weeks but it was his game against the Cats where he collected 38 possessions, laid nine tackles and kicked two goals for a round-high 159 that qualified him for this honour.

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Fantasy Prestigiacomo

A big price tag brings big expectations and this week's Presti nomination comes on behalf of the coaches that paid the big bucks to bring Jordan Lewis into their team after his two-week suspension. Since that time he has underperformed considerably, struggling to get within 50 points of his pre-suspension average, not to mention his late withdrawal. On Thursday night he had another disappointing game, finishing with just 75.


Jack Steele is a tackling machine and he did that label no harm, laying 10 on debut for an impressive score of 92. He did his job security no harm and although he is quite expensive for a rookie, he looks worth every cent after the Giants' bye.

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Round 12's top 10

Bernie Vince - 159
Dustin Martin - 150
Max Gawn - 139
Todd Goldstein - 134
Adam Treloar - 131
Heath Shaw - 128
Patrick Cripps - 128
Jamie Macmillan - 127
Mark Blicavs - 123
Brandon Ellis - 121
Marc Murphy - 121

Fantasy mailbag 

There were many underperformers this week mate. Enjoy your rage trades and good luck next week!

Love that you backed Goldy as captain! Hang in there  ... great rank!

WOW! That is ridiculously unlucky ... I'll post this to make the rest of the competition feel better about their round.  

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