CARLTON defender Simon White has been fined $1600 by the Blues and will continue with a diversion program as a result of an appearance before the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Thursday.

White was facing an assault charge following an incident outside a Melbourne nightclub in May last year.

He was placed on a diversion program last November.

On Thursday, the court continued that diversion program and ordered White to donate $1600 to the Royal Children's Hospital.

The Blues fined him the same amount, with the money also to go to the hospital.

In a statement released by Carlton, White said he was looking forward to putting the matter behind him.

"While I regret that the incident occurred, I have definitely learned from it and I thank the court for allowing me to continue on my diversion program,” he said. 

“I am glad that this is finally over so that I can focus on my future."

White, 26, has played 45 games for the Blues.