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Greater Western Sydney's draft haul: recruiter's verdict

Top Tom: A close look at the No.1 pick Tom Boyd chosen as the first pick in the draft
What the club says
"We wanted to pick the best players, really. Our last pick there (Rory Lobb) was maybe on a bit of a needs basis, but certainly our first three we were just picking the best player." Stephen Silvagni, list manager

Pick 1 – Tom Boyd
"We're certainly to happy to have Tom. The way footy's going at the moment, certainly that key position player that can go in the ruck, is certainly handy." Stephen Silvagni

2 – Josh Kelly
"We saw him dominate games. He's a quality kid – a hard worker and he's done everything right and deserves to be a high pick. He's composed and makes good decisions, but he also competes. So he's got some pretty handy attributes." Stephen Silvagni

14 – Cameron McCarthy
"We just think it's difficult to find talls. We see him as a possibility to play back. He's got an outstanding work rate and we saw him as the second best tall in this draft." Stephen Silvagni

29 – Rory Lobb
"It's always nice to have a ruckman on your list – they are critical. We're probably in good shape now with (Shane) Mumford, (Jonathan) Giles, (Andrew) Phillips, (Tom) Downie and now Rory Lobb and Tom Boyd, who can go through there as well." Stephen Silvagni

97 – Jake Barrett
"He was our zone player so there's another midfielder for us. You walk away and we've got two mids, two key position players and a ruckman. We're happy with what we're walking away with." Stephen Silvagni

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