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Hawthorn's draft haul: recruiter's verdict

The draft dissected: 2013's winners A wrap-up of the 2013 NAB AFL Draft
What the club says
"Midfield was a real focus for us, but we were still prepared to look at any player on a talent basis and we were able to fill those needs. We felt like we covered off the midfield and then getting James Sicily at the end, that high half-forward who can go into the midfield. We knew that Xavier (Ellis) and Shane Savage going out would have an effect on our depth in that area. We feel as though with Will Langford and Mitch Hallahan and Jed Anderson we've got some depth to cover some of those. We were just hoping to add some run and talent to that midfield group." Graham Wright, Hawthorn list manager

Pick 24 – Billy Hartung
"We really liked Billy all the way through the last year or two with the AIS. He's been an outstanding player at the junior level. He can play wing, half-back, half-forward, can go into the midfield and has a massive tank, is quick, an outstanding user of the ball and he's a wonderful trainer and works really hard. We know he'll come in and set the tone and earn some respect by working really hard. We thought he was the best player at that pick and it was a nice easy selection for us." - Graham Wright
Pick 38 – Dayle Garlett 
"We were really comfortable picking Dayle at that pick. We just felt that he's been able to put some structure in his life this year, been able to perform really well, has got himself really fit and really settled. There's been things written and said about him but from our perspective we felt really comfortable with what we knew, we felt really comfortable with him and we were keen to get him into the club. We think he can do a whole range of things, whether it be midfield or half-forward or wing and he's a really good stoppage player. He's just about able to do everything. He's got outstanding football talent and we think we can add him into our midfield rotations." - Graham Wright 

Pick 56 – James Sicily 
"He was one we really rated but we were thinking he'd probably go before 56. He's that high half-forward who can go into the midfield. He's got an immature body and going to take some time, but he's outstanding overhead, beautiful kick, very smart player, a very football savvy addition to our club. James really improved his footy and he worked really hard in the back half of the year. I think he's got through with a lot of natural talent on the way but he realised he needed to come in and work hard and he did that at the (Western) Jets. I think he understands that it's going to be a lot of hard work for him but he's ready for that." - Graham Wright 

Pick 59 - Jonathan Ceglar (rookie upgrade)

Pick 79 - Will Langford (rookie upgrade)

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