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Richmond's draft haul: recruiter's verdict

The draft dissected: 2013's winners A wrap-up of the 2013 NAB AFL Draft
What the club says
"We scanned the pool and ranked the players and felt perhaps this draft wasn't all that deep, so we did look at a few experienced players consequently. It wasn't specific we'd go for mature-aged but we felt the draft dropped off a fair bit and obviously we didn't have a second-round pick in trading for Shaun Hampson so with those back-end picks, we were looking for players who could compete and are perhaps ready to go." – Francis Jackson, recruiting manager

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Pick 12 – Ben Lennon
"We know him very well. He spent his AIS week with us in January, which is always a good insight into their personality and their talent, and he fitted in like he'd been there five years so it was really pleasing to see the way he embraced all the physical aspects of training. We like to include the kids in everything, they join the club like they're another player, and we sat him down at the end of the week and gave him feedback and then we followed him over the course of the year. We've had a few players text us who remembered his week and said they had hoped we'd pick him." - Francis Jackson 
Pick 50 – Nathan Gordon
"He's 23, from North Adelaide and had a terrific year, playing a midfield/forward role. He played a really good finals series and was good under pressure. We've been tracking him all year and we think he can come in and play a role straight away. He's a little bit older so we think he's ready to go physically, and he's had a great SANFL year, which was very competitive. He's also been a Sydney rookie before and we had a really good look at him last year prior to him going to North Adelaide, and we liked his physicality. We had a good contact – Shane Edwards' dad is CEO of North Adelaide - which was good to have." - Francis Jackson 
Pick 66 – Sam Lloyd
"He's from Frankston and kicked a lot of goals in his first year in the VFL after playing for Mt Eliza. He's a very crafty forward and has amazing ability to read the ball in flight and to play good, old fashioned footy. He went to Geelong Grammar – I think he was injured in his 18th year so he didn't play much TAC footy – but he kicked over 100 goals for Deniliquin in the country [in 2010], and then at Mt Eliza – we went and watched him play there two years ago and then followed his progress closely because we always thought he had ability. He's also a little bit older, he judges the ball well and they're hard to find, players like that, with their footy knowledge … they beat players with their ability to read the play." - Francis Jackson 
78 – Pass
88 – Pass
93 – Ricky Petterd (promoted rookie)

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