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• Ten things the new Blues coach must fix

1. Refocus the players
If you want a lesson on how to treat players as though they're cattle, look no further than this year at Carlton. Apologise to them for how the club handled the drama, slowly but surely indicate you still believe in their ability and dismiss all discussion of futures beyond 2015. Once that serious business is done, bring some fun back to the football and inject some levity into the place.

2. Keep it simple
Carlton's effort in recent weeks have been appalling and so uncharacteristic of a Malthouse coached team to be scarcely believable. No Malthouse coached team has ever recorded tackle counts like the Blues have in the past fortnight. Against Geelong, 11 Carlton players had one tackle or less in the game as the team recorded a tackle count in the 30s for the second consecutive week. In the short-term, tackling has to be the only measure of effort.

3. Consult with Chris Judd on how he wants to spend the rest of the season
A sensible person with a rare ability to articulate situations clearly, Judd remains the spiritual leader of the Blues, despite not being the captain. Battling injury and weariness, he remains a champion. However, he should be allowed to determine how he wants to spend the rest of the season. His off-field support will be critical in the next few months.

4. Get Bryce Gibbs and Marc Murphy's mindset right
Both have shown themselves incapable of handling the situation despite the best of intentions. Clearly they were rattled about being lumped on the trade table alongside everyone, whether it was inadvertent or not, and their performances have reflected a dissatisfaction with the club. They are talented players who need to enjoy football again.

5. Keep first round draft picks
Fremantle built its position on the back of keeping early draft selections and getting more right than wrong. The Dockers have traded at the back end of the draft but made it policy to keep their first round picks. Through smart use of free agency and early draft picks they can start the long climb back to respectability.

6. Make Lachie Henderson feel wanted
Henderson is attracting interest from other clubs but Carlton can't afford to lose the key position player. He should be in the prime of his career and facing the biggest contract of his life. Instead he doesn't know whether the club where he made his name wants him, he is injured and well within his rights to be considering his options.

7. Make playing young players a priority
Supporters rely on hope and glimpses of talent. While ensuring they don't set players up to fail, the coach needs to expose the youngsters like Dylan Buckley, Patrick Cripps, Blaine Boekhorst, Matthew Dick, Kristian Jaksch, Clem Smith and Matthew Watson to give the fans something of substance to take home after a game.

8. A decision on Matthew Kreuzer is needed
Basically unpack what has happened to him in the past three seasons. Get him to talk to supporters and explain his predicament. Cameron Wood has performed manfully but Robbie Warnock has become a whipping boy for fans. It's time for the club to commit to Kreuzer or plan for life after him.

9. Don't spin
Melbourne's Peter Jackson refused to sugar-coat the situation when he took over at the Demons. It resonated with the fans who could spot spin a mile off and helped the club win respect. Carlton has been all over the shop with their message.

10. Find a tall defender somewhere, somehow
The Blues have been too short and inexperienced in defence for weeks now with Michael Jamison and Henderson missing. It has made them uncompetitive. Acknowledge that it is a weakness and stick with whatever shows signs of success.