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Indicative draft order: Suns set for first No.1 pick in nine years

Gold Coast is in line for its first No.1 pick since 2010, where it will have the pick of the nation's young football talent - AFL,Draft,Tag-Draft
Gold Coast is in line for its first No.1 pick since 2010, where it will have the pick of the nation's young football talent

GOLD Coast will have its first No.1 selection since 2010 if its form line doesn't improve by the end of the year. 

The Suns dropped to the bottom of the ladder after round 15 and will be favourites to finish there, given their fadeaway in form after a bright start to the year.

GIVE US THE No.1 PICK Suns demanding AFL help

Despite their lowly finishes on the ladder throughout their history, the Suns have not held a No.1 choice since their inception, when they selected current co-captain David Swallow.

No.1 pick David Swallow the day after the 2010 NAB AFL Draft. Picture: AFL Photos

It is one of their two first-round picks, with the Suns also holding Brisbane's first pick at this year's NAB AFL Draft (currently pick 15). 

The club's chairman, Tony Cochrane, this week told the club would also lobby the AFL to get special access to the No.1 pick as a priority pick due to their woes, which would see them hold the first and second picks overall if the wish was granted. 

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As shown in's indicative draft order, there are five clubs who hold rivals' selections in the first round, including Adelaide, who have the No.2 pick in the draft after their trade with Carlton during last year's draft. 

Hawthorn looks headed for its earliest draft pick since 2006, with the Hawks currently holding pick No.6 with seven rounds of the home and away season remaining.

Indicative draft order after round 16
GCFC 1. Gold Coast
ADEL 2. Adelaide (tied to Carlton)
MELB 3. Melbourne
STK 4. St Kilda
SYD 5. Sydney
HAW 6. Hawthorn
WB 7. Western Bulldogs
FRE 8. Fremantle
NMFC 9. North Melbourne
GWS 10. Greater Western Sydney (tied to Essendon)
CARL 11. Carlton (tied to Adelaide)
PORT 12. Port Adelaide
RICH 13. Richmond
GWS 14. Greater Western Sydney
GCFC 15. Gold Coast (tied to Brisbane)
BL 16. Brisbane (tied to Collingwood)
WCE 17. West Coast
GEEL 18. Geelong

BL 19. Brisbane (tied to Gold Coast)
ADEL 20. Adelaide (tied to Carlton)
MELB 21. Melbourne
SYD 22. Sydney (tied to St Kilda)
WCE 23. West Coast (tied to Sydney)
HAW 24. Hawthorn
WB 25. Western Bulldogs
FRE 26. Fremantle
NMFC 27. North Melbourne
ESS 28. Essendon
ADEL 29. Adelaide
PORT 30. Port Adelaide
RICH 31. Richmond
ESS 32. Essendon (tied to Greater Western Sydney)
BL 33. Brisbane
COLL 34. Collingwood
WCE 35. West Coast
GEEL 36. Geelong

RICH 37. Richmond (tied to Gold Coast)
CARL 38. Carlton
MELB 39. Melbourne
WB 40. Western Bulldogs (tied to St Kilda)
SYD 41. Sydney
WB 42. Western Bulldogs (tied to Hawthorn)
WB 43. Western Bulldogs
BL 44. Brisbane (tied to Fremantle)
NMFC 45. North Melbourne
ESS 46. Essendon
CARL 47. Carlton (tied to Adelaide)
HAW 48. Hawthorn (tied to Port Adelaide)
GCFC 49. Gold Coast (tied to Richmond)
GWS 50. Greater Western Sydney
BL 51. Brisbane
COLL 52. Collingwood
SYD 53. Sydney (tied to West Coast)
GEEL 54. Geelong

STK 55. St Kilda (tied to Gold Coast)
SYD 56. Sydney (tied to Carlton)
MELB 57. Melbourne
WCE 58. West Coast (tied to St Kilda)
SYD 59. Sydney
COLL 60. Collingwood (tied to Hawthorn)
PORT 61. Port Adelaide (tied to Western Bulldogs)
ESS 62. Essendon (tied to Fremantle)
PORT 63. Port Adelaide (tied to North Melbourne)
ESS 64. Essendon
PORT 65. Port Adelaide (tied to Adelaide)
PORT 66. Port Adelaide
RICH 67. Richmond
CARL 68. Carlton (tied to Greater Western Sydney)
NMFC 69. North Melbourne (tied to Brisbane)
COLL 70. Collingwood
STK 71. St Kilda (tied to West Coast)
RICH 72. Richmond (tied to Geelong)

GCFC 73. Gold Coast
GWS 74. Greater Western Sydney (tied to Carlton)
MELB 75. Melbourne
STK 76. St Kilda
SYD 77. Sydney
HAW 78. Hawthorn
WB 79. Western Bulldogs
FRE 80. Fremantle
NMFC 81. North Melbourne
ESS 82. Essendon
CARL 83. Carlton (tied to Adelaide)
PORT 84. Port Adelaide
RICH 85. Richmond
GWS 86. Greater Western Sydney
BL 87. Brisbane
HAW 88. Hawthorn (tied to Collingwood)
GCFC 89. Gold Coast (tied to West Coast)
GEEL 90. Geelong