THE TRADE restrictions on the Sydney Swans has not only affected the club, but the rest of the competition according to general manager of football Tom Harley. 

Banned from taking part in last year's exchange period, the Swans won an appeal to can get back into the trade mix in 2015, but AFL-imposed restrictions will make it tough to get any deals done.

The Swans can acquire players this year but the AFL has placed a salary limit on anyone the club wishes to sign, meaning high profile players and free agents will be out of reach.

In an exclusive chat with, Harley said he believes the issue isn't just a problem for his club, it will also have unintended consequences for the rest of the League. 

He said players who find the club; it's famed culture, and the Sydney lifestyle an attractive proposition, realistically have zero chance of calling the harbour city home this year. 

"Even if we were in a position to trade without any restrictions it doesn't mean we would, and clearly by definition it impacts us, but it also impacts the 17 other clubs that might want to do something with us," Harley said.

"We obviously, like all clubs, have a pretty prudent list management strategy and meet regularly, and we're canvassing everything at the moment.

"If the AFL are going to change or soften their stance then that's their decision, but we'll play by the rules, what we do with players or picks is up to us. 

"If other clubs feel aggrieved or have an agenda, well then they can push that case." 

While the harsh reality of the AFL's sanctions has long hit home to the Swans' staff, the 2012 premiers aren't about to dwell on their situation.

Harley said his club's views on the matter have been communicated to the League and that's where they'll leave it.

"We've been given the cards and we have to play with them. We won't have any formal restrictions next year and we'll see what happens there," Harley said.

"We're on record as saying that we think the restriction is unfair, but we just have to get on with it and that’s just the way it is."

The lack of depth on the Swans list has been well documented this season, with a host of injuries mid season leaving the club's NEAFL side on some occasions with as little as 6-8 senior-listed players on game day. 

Despite those worries, Harley denied the Swans will look to the WAFL, VFL or SANFL for mature players to top up their list at season's end; instead they'll continue to rely on the tried and true methods of experienced recruiting and list strategy manager Kinnear Beatson. 

"We're really fortunate that we've got someone like Kinnear who has an insatiable appetite for work and a great knowledge of the industry, so we won't be doing anything differently to what we've done in the past," Harley said.

"We're really confident that we cover all our bases when it comes to recruitment.

"We've obviously got the academy as well that we need to scout independently, and it's important that Kinnear and the team look at those players on merit against the rest of the talent pool.

"But there hasn't been anything canvassed that hasn't been canvassed in previous years, which is a good sign that we've got confidence in the way that we recruit and manage our list."