FREMANTLE coach Ross Lyon addressed the media last Friday morning prior to training at Fremantle Oval and was asked about the Ryan Crowley situation.

Can you shed some light on the issues that Ryan Crowley is having?
I'm not in a position to really except to reiterate the club's statement that he's working through an issue that doesn't see him available to play at the minute. We're really supportive but I'm not in a position to comment any further.

Can you just whether it's on-field, is it an injury, or is an off-field thing that he's dealing with personally?
I certainly don't want to be rude but it's a club position as well, I'll be making no further comment. 

Do you know when he might be available? Is it just this week or longer term?
Am I talking Swahili? I'm not too sure. I'll be making no further comments. If you want to take it any further up the chain you can contact our CEO but I'm sure he'll have the same position. 

What about from a playing group point of view, do you expect that the player group rally around a guy like him? Is he even training today?
He'll be training. Yeah we're not too fussed. Players are pretty resilient. We're really supportive of each other, coaches, players and as a football club. You wear the purple you're part of our family so to speak. But it's not something we're overly focussed on. (I'm like) John Kennedy, I focus on those that can, not those that can't.    

With Ryan Crowley we understand it's a sensitive issue … 
Terrific, we can stop it there.

But can you understand for the fans and members that the speculation might go on until there is a bit more clarity?
I'd agree with you. The speculation will probably go on, and our fans and members will be definitely interested. I agree with that.

Positive or negative, will it that affect Ryan at all throughout the regular season? How do you think he'll respond to whatever it may be?
I don't want to be rude. I'm pretty relaxed about it all. But I'll certainly make no further comment.