AFL FANTASY Classic has removed a bench ruckman and made the position a floating player that can be selected from any of the positions.

This move gets rid of the redundant fourth ruck position and adds extra flexibility to the bench for coaches.

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You can still use the position for a fourth ruck, as it has been in the past, or pick a player from the other positions. The choice is yours!

The bench breakdown will be as follows: 

- 2 x Defenders
- 2 x Midfielders
- 2 x Forwards
- 1 x Ruck
- 1 x Utility

The 'utility', as it will be known, will be handy leading into round one, as a variety of different strategies will be available based on the selected rookies for the opening weekend.

The new position will also become more useful during the season as a multitude of options can be opened up for trading. For example, you will have the flexibility to have three bench players from for any line on the field. Essentially, you could trade out a midfielder from your utility spot and bring in a defender without having to restrict yourself to dual-position players. 

We’ll have more strategy tips for using the new utility position as the pre-season progresses.

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