AFL FANTASY is back and so are The Traders.

Our resident Fantasy experts, Roy, Calvin and Warnie, are stoked that the game has launched and bring you the first of their weekly podcasts offering their insight into the game with a bit of fun along the way.

They've started building their teams and cover the bargains they've found in Fantasy Classic and consider what the first 15 picks could look like in Fantasy Draft.

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In this week’s episode …

Craig Wegener, coach of Top Me Up Buttercup, joined the boys to share some of his thoughts on the season ahead. He discusses some strategy that saw him crowned champion last year and how that can be applied in 2020. Find out which one of Craig's car-winning heroes is likely to get a guernsey in his round one team.

2019 AFL Fantasy winner Craig with The Traders

Episode guide 

1:15 – Strategy and ideas around the new utility bench spot for Fantasy Classic

5:15 – Prize pool adds up to more than $139,000 with first prize now a $62k Toyota Hilux

7:50 – Craig Wegener, the winner of Fantasy Classic 2019, calls in to the show

11:30 – Fallen premiums and bargains that Craig will look at for Top Me Up Buttercup

12:55 – Thoughts on who to pick in the ruck

17:30 – How to approach the pre-season and team tinkering such as structure

22:00 – The Traders start picking their teams with Grundy and Docherty first picked

26:15 – Merits of the Guns ‘n’ Rookies strategy and the mix of mid-priced options

31:10 – Tom Mitchell’s 30 per cent discount makes him a lock, but will he be fit?

34:40 – Angus Brayshaw is under-priced based on his 2018 form

40:15 – Some of the cheap and basement priced players to consider, or at least have as placeholders for the pre-season

43:25 – Roy leads (and messes up) a mini-Draft to try and see what the first round of Draft may look like

51:20 – Get your Draft league organised so you can set your ranks in preparation for draft day

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