COLLINGWOOD could have the surprise boost of big-name forwards Jordan De Goey and Jaidyn Stephenson against Richmond in their Marsh Community Series opener on Sunday. 

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De Goey's conditioning was a talking point across the summer and he was also dealing with a back ailment, while Stephenson is on the comeback trail from a bout of glandular fever.

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'Spaceman' Stephenson has a new fan in BT

Jaidyn Stephenson was absolutely everywhere, finding acres of space time and time again resulting in a new nickname

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The Magpies also named defender Jordan Roughead, who suffered an accidental knock to his larynx at training in the past fortnight, and fresh recruits Darcy Cameron and Trent Bianco.

SEE THE TEAMS Check out who's playing in the Marsh Community Series

 Jack Higgins' recovery from brain surgery continues to pick up steam, with the third-year cult hero set to play for the Tigers, who also picked draftee Thomson Dow for the match at Wangaratta.

Carlton fans will get their first official look at highly touted recruit Jack Martin in the Blues' Marsh Community Series opener against Fremantle on Saturday night.

Jack Martin in action for Carlton during match simulation. Picture: AFL Photos

The former Sun found his way to Ikon Park via last year's pre-season draft after Gold Coast and Carlton failed to agree on a deal in the Telstra AFL Trade Period in October.

Martin has impressed in match simulation and is joined in the Blues' team by fellow additions Jack Newnes, Marc Pittonet and Sam Philp, while Sam Docherty will make his first appearance in 917 days.

Fremantle also has its share of fresh faces, with Blake Acres, James Aish and draftees Caleb Serong and Michael Frederick in the squad. 

Fremantle's Michael Frederick at training. Picture: AFL Photos

Forgotten ruckman Sam Naismith will play in a new-look Sydney side against cross-town rival Greater Western Sydney at Blacktown International Sportspark on Saturday.

It is the latest step in Naismith's goal of playing his first senior AFL game since 2017, after a serious knee injury and related problems cost him the past two seasons.

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The Swans also named six newcomers, including last year's No.5 pick Dylan Stephens and fellow draftees Will Gould and Chad Warner, as well as Lewis Taylor, Kaiden Brand and Sam Gray.

Highly touted Swan Dylan Stephens working the ropes in in Coffs Harbour. Picture: Michael Willson

Top-10 draft picks Lachie Ash and Tom Green are in for the Giants.

Saturday, February 29

Greater Western Sydney v Sydney, Blacktown International Park, 4.10pm AEDT


B: M.Buntine 21 P.Davis 1 S.Taylor 15
HB: S.Reid 50 A.Corr 35 A.Kennedy 40
C: L.Ash 7 J.Hopper 2 I.Cumming 13
HF: J.Hately 9 K.Briggs 32 Boer - C 24
F: B.Daniels 16 H.Himmelberg 27 Z.Langdon 17
Foll: S.Jacobs 10 T.Taranto 14 J.Caldwell 5
I/C: D.Lloyd 38 I.Hill 37 X.O'Halloran 33 N.Shipley 34 H.Perryman 36 T.Green 12 J.Finlayson 31 H.Shaw 23

Emerg: T.Hutchesson 20 J.Riccardi 26 Z.Sproule 28 C.Idun 39

Full squad: M.Buntine, P.Davis, S.Taylor, S.Reid, A.Corr, A.Kennedy, L.Ash, J.Hopper, I.Cumming, J.Hately, K.Briggs, Boer, B.Daniels, H.Himmelberg, Z.Langdon, S.Jacobs, T.Taranto, J.Caldwell, D.Lloyd, I.Hill, X.O'Halloran, N.Shipley, T.Green, H.Perryman, J.Finlayson, H.Shaw


B: K.Brand 2 D.Rampe 24 R.Fox 42
HB: H.Cunningham 7 A.Aliir 36 C.O'Riordan 38
C: O.Florent 13 L.Parker 26 J.Dawson 34
HF: S.Gray 15 T.McCartin 30 N.Blakey 22
F: L.Taylor 28 C.Sinclair 18 W.Hayward 9
Foll: S.Naismith 10 J.Rowbottom 8 J.Kennedy - C 12
I/C: W.Gould 17 D.Stephens 3 G.Hewett 29 C.Warner 1 J.McInerney 27 S.Wicks 45 B.Ronke 25 M.Knoll 48

Emerg: Z.Foot 16 R.Stoddart 33 M.Ling 19 J.Amartey 46

Full squad: K.Brand, D.Rampe, R.Fox, H.Cunningham, A.Aliir, C.O'Riordan, O.Florent, L.Parker, J.Dawson, S.Gray, T.McCartin, N.Blakey, L.Taylor, C.Sinclair, W.Hayward, S.Naismith, J.Rowbottom, J.Kennedy, W.Gould, D.Stephens, G.Hewett, C.Warner, S.Wicks, J.McInerney, B.Ronke, M.Knoll

Fremantle v Carlton, David Grays Arena, 4.10pm AWST


B: L.Ryan 13 B.Cox 36 E.Hughes 15
HB: J.Aish 11 G.Logue 2 T.Duman 44
C: A.Cerra 5 R.Conca 6 T.Colyer 33
HF: S.Sturt 27 M.Taberner 20 L.Schultz 28
F: C.McCarthy 23 R.Lobb 37 B.Matera 3
Foll: S.Darcy 4 B.Acres - C 9 A.Brayshaw 8
I/C: T.Watson 45 C.Serong 22 M.Crowden 12 B.Banfield 41 B.Bewley 34 C.Blakely 19 M.Frederick 43 H.Dixon 17

Emerg: J.Carter 35 J.Pina 47 L.Valente 29 T.North 24

Full squad: L.Ryan, B.Cox, E.Hughes, J.Aish, G.Logue, T.Duman, A.Cerra, R.Conca, T.Colyer, S.Sturt, M.Taberner, L.Schultz, C.McCarthy, R.Lobb, B.Matera, S.Darcy, B.Acres, A.Brayshaw, T.Watson, C.Serong, M.Crowden, B.Banfield, C.Blakely, B.Bewley, M.Frederick, H.Dixon


B: N.Newman 24 L.Jones 14 L.Plowman 20
HB: S.Docherty - C 15 J.Weitering 23 K.Simpson 6
C: J.Newnes 32 S.Walsh 18 E.Curnow 35
HF: J.Martin 21 L.Casboult 41 J.Silvagni 1
F: M.Gibbons 40 T.De Koning 12 D.Lang 16
Foll: M.Kreuzer 8 W.Setterfield 43 Z.Fisher 25
I/C: T.Williamson 31 D.Cuningham 28 P.Dow 2 M.Kennedy 7 C.Polson 29 S.Philp 34 M.Pittonet 27 C.Moore 47

Emerg: R.Sturgess 48 M.Owies 44 J.Honey 36 S.Ramsay 33

Full squad: N.Newman, L.Jones, L.Plowman, S.Docherty, J.Weitering, K.Simpson, J.Newnes, S.Walsh, E.Curnow, J.Martin, L.Casboult, J.Silvagni, M.Gibbons, T.De Koning, D.Lang, M.Kreuzer, W.Setterfield, Z.Fisher, T.Williamson, D.Cuningham, P.Dow, M.Kennedy, S.Philp, C.Polson, M.Pittonet, C.Moore

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Marsh Series Fantasy watchlist

Calvin names fives players he's keeping an eye on over the Marsh Community Series

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Sunday, March 1

Richmond v Collingwood, Norm Minns Oval, 4.10pm AEDT


B: N.Balta 21 D.Grimes - C 2 D.Astbury 12
HB: S.Stack 44 N.Vlastuin 1 J.Short 15
C: J.Caddy 22 D.Prestia 3 L.Baker 7
HF: D.Rioli 17 K.Lambert 23 J.Castagna 11
F: M.Chol 41 C.Coleman-Jones 40 O.Markov 31
Foll: I.Soldo 20 J.Ross 5 M.Pickett 50
I/C: P.Naish 6 J.Higgins 13 R.Collier-Dawkins 26 T.Dow 27 S.Bolton 29 N.Broad 35 J.Aarts 39 R.Garthwaite 42

Emerg: W.Martyn 36 B.Miller 46 D.Eggmolesse-Smith 43 L.English 32

Full squad: N.Balta, D.Grimes, D.Astbury, S.Stack, N.Vlastuin, J.Short, J.Caddy, D.Prestia, L.Baker, D.Rioli, K.Lambert, J.Castagna, M.Chol, C.Coleman-Jones, O.Markov, I.Soldo, J.Ross, M.Pickett, P.Naish, J.Higgins, R.Collier-Dawkins, T.Dow, N.Broad, S.Bolton, J.Aarts, R.Garthwaite


B: J.Crisp 25 J.Roughead 23 J.Madgen 44
HB: B.Maynard 37 M.Keane 47 C.Mayne 16
C: T.Brown 6 A.Treloar 7 W.Hoskin-Elliott 32
HF: J.Elliott 5 B.Reid 20 B.Mihocek 41
F: J.Stephenson 1 M.Cox 46 J.De Goey 2
Foll: D.Cameron 14 R.Wills 33 T.Adams - C 13
I/C: J.Noble 9 A.Bosenavulagi 40 C.Brown 17 T.Phillips 21 J.Thomas 24 J.Daicos 26 N.Murphy 28 T.Bianco 34

Emerg: B.Sier 36 J.Rantall 35 W.Kelly 27 T.Ruscoe 39

Full squad: J.Crisp, J.Roughead, J.Madgen, B.Maynard, M.Keane, C.Mayne, T.Brown, A.Treloar, W.Hoskin-Elliott, J.Elliott, B.Reid, B.Mihocek, J.Stephenson, M.Cox, J.De Goey, D.Cameron, R.Wills, T.Adams, J.Noble, A.Bosenavulagi, C.Brown, T.Phillips, J.Daicos, J.Thomas, N.Murphy, T.Bianco