FANTASY coaches have three trades to use ahead of the next lockout and thousands of moves have been made since lockout lifted last week.

The most traded player over the first few days is Fremantle young gun Andrew Brayshaw (MID/FWD, $508,000). The Docker scored 44 points and dropped $8000 in value, despite 45 per cent of Fantasy Classic coaches starting with him as they believed he would be a value forward.

Marsh Series stars Brodie Smith (DEF, $623,000) and Darcy MacPherson (MID/FWD, $632,000) were disappointing in round one. They are the next on the list of the most traded out players.

On the other hand, Jack Viney (MID, $652,000), Jeremy Howe (FWD, $549,000), Brett Bewley (FWD, $398,000) and Bailey Smith (MID/FWD, $537,000) are the most traded-in players. They all performed well above their starting value in their first games of the season.

The Traders share their rage trades and look ahead to whenever round two rolls around with their possible trading strategy.

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In this week's episode …

Roy, Calvin and Warnie catch up with Josh, the coach of 9th Place, who was the top scoring coach in round one. He discusses his initial strategy and provides some insight into what his potential moves are in keeping with minimising on-field rookies.

The boys give their advice for some of the commonly asked questions including trade scenarios that would see Brodie Grundy (RUC, $915,000) and Lachie Whitfield (MID/FWD, $829,000) moved on to free up cash. 

Episode guide

1:00 - What Roy, Calvin and Warnie have been up to.

9:30 - Round 'two' trade options.

15:30 - Will three trades be enough?

20:30 - The top 10 players traded in and out.

27:10 - Josh talks about his team that is currently leading all Fantasy Classic teams.

31:40 - Calvin, Roy and Warnie discuss their trade plans.

35:45 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

38:50 - Will Jeremy Howe keep scoring well?

42:10 - Will Brett Bewley keep his role when Blake Acres returns?

43:10 - Who wins Survivor?

47:05 - Worst trades of our Fantasy careers.

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