COLLINGWOOD president Eddie McGuire has clarified that hard-up Magpies members can get a refund but also implored them to "stick with us" during the AFL's shutdown.

McGuire was central to an on-air stoush with Channel Nine colleague Tony Jones during a segment that typically serves as cross-promotion for Footy Classified later on Wednesday night.

Tony, it's as simple as this – if you don't have members, you don't have a club. A club that has no members is a memory

- Eddie McGuire

Instead, Jones' repeated questioning on whether club members who are struggling financially could receive their money back enraged McGuire.

McGuire technically didn't answer the question during the segment, although he did on Footy Classified and his breakfast radio program on Thursday.

"Tony, it's as simple as this – if you don't have members, you don't have a club. A club that has no members is a memory," McGuire said.

"So, we need our members to stick with us as much as we can. If our supporters or anyone gets into financial hardship, speak to us, we are there together, because the members are the club.

"It's not as if we're privately owned; it's not as if we spend the money profligately. This is all about sticking together through tough times."

Jones stayed the course – asking about a refund four times – and that's when the exchange became heated, with McGuire resorting to finger pointing as he accused Jones of "trying to get a headline".

How the segment wrapped up:

Eddie McGuire: "Tony, I just said to you, if you have financial hardship, speak to your club – we're there to help you. We always do.

"We do this year in, year out with people who've got financial hardship.

"But what I'm saying to you, Tony, is this is more than just a transaction. This is people who love their club and it means more to them. Tony, do you want to hear what the answer is or so you want to keep asking questions?"

Tony Jones: "No, we're running out of time but you can love your club without actually putting your hand in your pocket, too, Eddie.

EM: "And, Tony, if we don't have enough people putting the hand in the pocket, there will be no club."

TJ: "Unfortunately, there are a lot of empty pockets, Ed."

EM: "And they'll all be looked after, Tony. Don't make this into people taking money out of (other) people's pockets and don't wind me up with a smart arse last line, OK? This is desperate stakes, and don't try and make a headline." 

TJ: "I'm not trying to make a headline, Eddie."