BRISBANE players who have jetted home are being urged to consider a quick return to Queensland as the Lions deal with the state's strict quarantine laws.

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Sixteen of the Lions' 47 players remain interstate and will be hit with an enforced 14-day self-quarantine period upon their return to Queensland under current laws.

With the AFL to provide a three-week pre-season, coach Chris Fagan believes it would be easier for the players to serve their two-week period now before they're recalled to training.

"I know just chatting to the guys who aren't in Brisbane at the moment, they're all starting to consider that now based on their own individual circumstances," he said.

"It's probably better to do it sooner rather than later, it probably is a little easier if they were still up here because they could still train in pairs and do things like that.

"A couple of boys that have gone back to their home states are coping really well and got great training set-ups, and others are feeling a little bit disconnected, which is natural enough."

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The Lions are imploring players to keep active during the shutdown period.

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"(Draftee) Jaxon Prior went back to Perth and he used to have a part-time job at Bunnings and I think he's picked up a bit more part-time work while he's back at Bunnings," Fagan said.

"It's really good for their overall holistic development to go out and get into the workforce and see what that's like… a few other boys in Melbourne are looking for jobs at supermarkets."

The club is holding weekly teleconference catch-ups with its leadership group and entire playing group to ensure they stay connected.

"There was a little bit of laughter (externally) when we announced the leadership group of nine people but right now having nine leaders is a good thing when you're split up all over the place," Fagan said.

"We're having a bit of fun on our WhatsApp at the moment, there's a video competition going on at the moment, where someone has to give a message with video of the day.

"We're seeing other sides to people we haven't seen before and I'm sure our club's collection at the end of this period will be worth a watch."

Fagan said he was most conscious about players with families when considering the idea of clubs being split into quarantine hubs around the country in order to fast-track a return to play.