NORTH Melbourne will look to beef up its backline and will be on the hunt for a small forward as it bolsters its list in 2020.

The Roos' new head of player personnel Scott Clayton joined podcast Road to the Draft for his first interview since joining North Melbourne.

Clayton discussed a range of topics in the first episode of the show this year, including the Kangaroos' list priorities. 

The experienced Clayton, who started with North Melbourne this year after departing West Coast, also shares his views on list sizes, draft age and contract talks through the AFL's shutdown period.

Tune in for the latest in the world of the draft, trade and player movement space as draft expert Callum Twomey is joined by prospects, club list managers and recruiters and player managers for exclusive interviews.

This week's episode guide…

0:40 – An update on how the North Melbourne recruiting and list management team is spending the shutdown period

1:50 – How Clayton has settled into the new role at the Kangaroos

3:30 – Why North Melbourne is adamant this year's draft should go ahead even if there are no more under-18s games played

4:00 – What happens with the Roos' future pick they traded in last year?

4:40 – Why having a draft of only two rounds this year would be a "terrific result"

5:40 – How the draft order should be settled if an AFL season isn't completed

7:15 – The "annoying" and "frustrating" draft age debate

11:00 – An update on Ben Brown's contract negotiations

12:15 – Where Clayton sees the list and how far off it is from challenging

13:10 – Why bolstering defence and finding a small forward are priorities for the Roos

14:50 – The veteran recruiter chats about his favourite ever draft selection