COLLINGWOOD coach Nathan Buckley has urged the AFL to consider whether completing the season with players in long-term isolation hubs is worth the potential toll.

HUB SNUB? Players consider standing down as tensions escalate reported on Tuesday some senior players had threatened to stand down from the remainder of the AFL season if their families could not attend the quarantine hubs being established to resume games.

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A season model presented to players by their association could see some players in isolation hubs for 20 of 21 weeks, with questions over whether players with young families, partners, children or impending babies due in coming months would commit to the move.

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Buckley questioned whether it would be right to ask players, staff and officials to be away from their families for such an extended period.

You can measure a profit and loss quite easily. The emotional and mental toll and cost is a lot harder to settle on

- Nathan Buckley

"It would be incredibly difficult and I don't know if it is the right thing to ask people to be honest," Buckley told SEN.

"It's not something we would have ever thought that we would be confronted with.

"It's definitely not something that you would choose and it may well get to the stage where the leadership of the game needs to work out whether getting a season away in 2020 or asking our people to expose themselves to what has been presented as a worst-case scenario is [actually] worth it or which one is going to cost us more.

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"The numbers are easy to work out. You can measure a profit and loss quite easily. The emotional and mental toll and cost is a lot harder to settle on."

The AFL last week said hubs were looming as the only way the competition could restart, with Gold Coast, Sydney and Victoria among the possible locations.

Buckley said the length of stay within the isolation appeared too long, and that he would not "look dimly" on anyone at Collingwood who chose not to be a part of the hub.

"I think that the time that has been discussed is over the top. If you look at the first part of what was presented which was seven games in five weeks; if you can get seven games away in five weeks and you did that a couple of times, that sounds a whole lot less than 20 weeks," he said.

"The parameters of what the hubs would look like, whether families would be involved or not, obviously players will or should have the choice to opt out, as would staff.

"We're talking about an incredibly expensive choice and program here as well so there are still a lot to be worked out in what is an increasingly difficult situation for everyone, not just for the industry and AFL football."