GREATER Western Sydney star Jeremy Cameron is set to come under scrutiny from the Match Review Officer after he was reported for striking Harris Andrews in an incident that left the young Lion concussed.

Cameron raised his elbow in a marking contest, making contact with Andrews' jaw while the Lions vice-captain was trying to spoil.

Andrews crashed to the ground with blood streaming from his mouth and barely moved before being stretchered off.

The 21-year-old had his jaw stitched shortly after the incident and watched the remainder of the Giants' 27-point win from the bench.

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For Cameron, it is a moment that will make him cringe when watching again.

The contact was high and the impact will be graded as high or potentially severe, while whether it's graded as intentional or careless remains to be seen.

It all adds up to a stint on the sidelines for the Giants star.

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Lions coach Chris Fagan was reluctant to comment but said Andrews' loss disadvantaged his team.

"It was obviously a pretty hard blow but I haven't dissected it bit-by-bit to know what the intent was. Wiser men than I will do that," Fagan said.

"I think it disadvantaged us quite a bit.

"Harris is probably the best key defender going around at the moment and he'd started the game pretty well, and then it meant we had to move Josh Walker out of our forward line."

But the notion of introducing red cards didn't appeal to Fagan.

"I know it hurt us tonight and if Cameron is rubbed out then teams they play down the track are the beneficiaries of the fact he's not playing, and we weren't tonight, but gee that's a tough one to answer.

"I reckon you could argue for and against that over a beer for 10 hours.

"I reckon we've gone this far in the game, 100-odd years without a red card system. I don't think we need a red card system."

Giants coach Leon Cameron said it was hard for him to comment on any potential sanction.

"Jeremy is a ball player. He's hard at it," Cameron said.

"I said it two weeks ago, he just goes out and just wants to get the footy as hard as he possibly can. You know things are going to happen in a footy game, but that's probably all I can really say about it I think.

"It's disappointing they lost a player for that period of time, but you know that happens in every footy game.

"The pleasing thing is he's okay, but I could never say that he's (Cameron) too hard at it, because that's what I love about him."

In an on-ground post-match interview with Fox Footy, Cameron said there was no malice intended and he was just trying to play the ball hard.

"I just saw the ball coming in and I like to play the ball really hard and it was unfortunate I hit him in the head. Definitely didn't want to hurt him and hurt him like that, I just like to play the ball on its merits and go in nice and hard," he said.

"Definitely no (malice intended). He's a great young player and playing some awesome footy so it would have been great to have him out on the ground and go head to head.

"It was unfortunate the way it panned out."

Following the interview, Andrews wandered over to Cameron and the pair exchanged what appeared to be amicable words.

It's not the first time Cameron has levelled a Lions a player, being suspended for four weeks for breaking Rhys Mathieson's jaw in the 2016 pre-season competition. 

Andrews will be tested during the week for concussion to assess his availability for next Sunday's match against Fremantle in Perth.

Cameron's bad record

20129WrestlingJake CarlisleGuilty$900
201215StrikingClinton YoungNot Guilty
201410StrikingDylan GrimesGuiltyReprimand
201410MisconductDylan GrimesGuilty$1,800
201411Rough conductJarryd RougheadGuilty1 match
20158Forceful front-on contactKyle CheneyGuilty$1,000
201518Engaging in meleeGuilty$1,000
2016Pre-seasonRough conductRhys MathiesonGuilty4 matches
2017Pre-seasonStrikingScott ThompsonGuilty$1,000
20189KneeingWill SchofieldGuilty$2,000