CARLTON coach Brendon Bolton has joined the chorus of supporters calling for the club to ditch its maligned 'wolf grey' clash strip, delivering a passionate plea for the Blues to revert back to their traditional colours.

Carlton wore its controversial changed uniform during last week's clash with Fremantle, the third time this season it has been forced out of its customary navy blue jumper.

On each occasion, the clash strip has led to outrage from fans, with Carlton great Robert Walls describing the jumper as "disgraceful" and "insipid" earlier in the week.

When asked his thoughts on Walls' comments and the grey jumper, Bolton replied strongly: "I agree, I don't like the jumper. I like navy blue and the white emblem on the front.

"I'm a traditionalist, I reckon it's a powerful jumper. I think it's the most iconic jumper in the competition. I love our navy blue jumper."

Carlton wore a predominantly white clash strip for the five years prior to this season, but unveiled the 'wolf grey' away kit during this year's JLT Community Series.

It has since been reported this week that Carlton CEO Cain Liddle is looking into the prospect of changing the away strip next season, something Bolton is also pushing for.

"I hope so," Bolton said.

"I'm not sure if it will or won't, I'm not dealing with that space. But if you're asking me for my opinion and what I feel, I love the navy blue. That's our iconic jumper.

"It's probably the most iconic jumper in Australia."