WEST Coast has asked for special dispensation for more staff to have access to players outside of its mandated 25-person group.

Under the AFL's COVID-19 protocols, the League has set a limit of 25 people for each club who can have direct contact with the players as part of its measures to prevent outbreaks of the illness.

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But the Eagles, who will next month head to the Gold Coast for a four-week block of games to restart their season, are hoping for AFL approval to add more staff to their list.

"We've applied for more than 25 given that we're travelling and we may have a situation where we have players back here [in Perth] that need attending to as well through rehab," West Coast football boss Craig Vozzo told ABC radio.

"We think that's thin. We need to adhere to it like everyone else but we think it's thin particularly in a travel situation. We're hoping to get some sort of dispensation from the League on that issue."

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Vozzo said the club could swap people in and out of the group with consent from the AFL if there are legitimate reasons, but that the strict West Australian border controls meant if staffers returned from Queensland to Perth they would need to serve a two-week quarantine period.

"[We're] hopeful that they can see we're not trying to gain a competitive advantage over anybody, it's more about the health and well-being of the players," Vozzo said.

"I think if you put that as the primary reason then logic should prevail and they'll look at our application positively."

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The Eagles are ramping up their preparations for their month-long stint at the Gold Coast high performance centre, with no players so far making themselves unavailable for the trip.

Vozzo said he understood the games in Queensland will all be considered 'away' games for the Eagles.