THERE were plenty of takeaways from round one's 16-minute 'Corona ball', most notably was identifying players whose game style it didn't suit.

Endurance machine Lachie Whitfield (FWD/MID, $829,000) traditionally runs opponents into the ground for 25+ minutes per quarter and finish's them as fast as he starts, so the shortened format takes away one of his biggest weapons.

Now don't get me wrong, Whitfield will still be one of, if not the highest scoring forward for the year but the gap is now close and therefore there is value to be chased.

Adding to this, strategically the general consensus is we need to get the unreliable rookies and bust selections off the ground as soon as possible to maximise scoring. To do this, chasing value is more important than ever.

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To assist with that, I have ranked my top 10 trade targets. This doesn't include rookies like Marlion Pickett (MID, $196,000) and Matt Rowell (MID, $292,000) who are in a 'must have' rookie category of their own.

10. Brett Bewley (FWD, $398,000)

After a great pre-season, Bewley made the most of his opportunities through the hotly contested wing and half-back roles for the Dockers. Although it feels like he doesn’t have the greatest job security with the likes of Nathan Wilson (DEF, $481,000) and Blake Acres (FWD/MID, $501,000) retuning to the line-up, his round one outing which included 20 possessions and nine marks for 89 leave him in a strong position. Especially when the biggest criticism on his game is disposal efficiency and he went at 85 per cent. He has a breakeven of five.

9. Callan Ward (MID, $539,000)

The former skipper is in the mix for his long awaited return, which comes with some risk given the Giants originally wanted to give him a couple of weeks in the NEAFL. One thing that can't be denied though, the hard nut is a genuine gun who is hugely under-priced if he can return to anything close to his best. The extended break has given him some extra time to prepare and he is renowned for putting in the extra yards to get himself right. Prior to his season-ending injury, he averaged between 94 and 100 for the last seven years.

8. Chad Wingard (FWD/MID, $605,000)

The Hawk picked up where he finished last season, knocking up his fourth consecutive triple figure score despite the shortened quarters and return of the Pig Tom Mitchell (MID, $676,000). The former Power star looked a class above at times, nailing three goals to complement his 20 possessions for a team-high 100. To be available as a forward with his increased midfield role, combined with a low breakeven of just 35 makes him a great target.

7. Christian Petracca (FWD, $581,000)

Owners gave a collective sigh of relief when the highly touted Demon played the majority of the game through the midfield and his numbers reflected that with 24 possessions and six marks for 90. The most impressive part of this was that he did it against the Eagles midfielders who don’t traditionally give up easy points to the opposition. His great start leaves him in a strong position to be acquired with a breakeven of just 39.

6. Dustin Martin (FWD/MID, $728,000)

The Tiger was one of the handful of players who looked right at home in the shortened version of the game. The way the superstar plays, it’s not hard to see why we was suited to the fast paced game that suits burst players to a tee. He mixed his time between dominating through the middle and forward line for 24 possessions and a goal for 90 points from an impressive 93 per cent time on ground. You don't score points from the bench!

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Don't look away Tigers fans, but Dusty can

Dustin Martin doing Dustin Martin things to open the door for Jack Riewoldt's third goal

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5. Jeremy Howe (DEF, $549,000)

Although the human highlight reel might feel like fools gold from a Fantasy perspective given he has only averaged a premium score (90) once in his nine-year career, bear with me. While the Pies big defenders are fit, Howe is free to fly for marks and utilise open space as the Pies release the ball from defence. Basically that means a whole heap of +6s which we have seen in his last four games where he hasn’t scored under triple figures. High risk, high reward as he can be moved to a lockdown role at any moment,  but the reward could come instantly against a Tiger forward line who give up plenty of uncontested marks, especially if you throw him a VC for the loophole.

4. Bailey Smith (FWD/MID, $537,000)

The young Dog was outstanding in week one which came as no surprise after the way he performed in the back end of last year and the pre-season. Despite many of the Dogs displaying no spark against the Pies, Smith showed plenty of hunger off half-back and through the midfield. His 95 from 23 touches and seven tackles led the way for the Dogs and at that price, he is an absolute bargain. And the Mullet … In fact, I moved him up one more spot for it.

3. Sam Naismith (RUC, $314,000)

The bargain-basement Swan made his long-awaited return from injury with a bang, more than holding his own against last year's ruck sensation Reilly O’Brien. He played 84 per cent of the game and managed 28 hitouts, 11 possessions and four tackles for an impressive score of 78. He has a great run ahead with games against the Bombers and Dogs coming up within the next three weeks and he has a breakeven of -2.

2. Jack Viney (MID, $652,000)

Call it chasing, call it what you want but Viney's performance in round one was that of a man on a mission. The former captain looked hungrier than any other player in the opening week and did so against a tough opposition midfield while playing only 78 per cent of the already shortened quarters. He found the ball at will to end the game with 34 possessions for a round-high 132 which gives him a breakeven of just 18.

1. Sam Docherty (DEF, $584,000)

The Blues co-captain did not disappoint in his long-awaited return from knee injuries. Despite a slow start, he quickly reminded everyone how good he is with a massive second half, eventually finishing as the Blues top scorer with 26 possessions and seven marks for 95. Although many of your brains defaulted to 'but everyone already has Docherty' - over half the competition chose to avoid the superstar and need to make his acquisition a priority.

So, there you have it. Jump on social media and share your thoughts. Hopefully this assists your moves leading into round two. Remember, it's not too late to enter a team and the best part about doing that is you can own every one of these guys! 

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