PROMISING West Coast youngsters Scott Lycett and Andrew Gaff won't be going anywhere, but Eagles chief executive Trevor Nisbett says the futures of veterans Dean Cox and Beau Waters remain unclear.

Lycett and Gaff are both in the midst of contract negotiations with the Eagles. Lycett has attracted interest from Port Adelaide as West Coast continues to manage his opportunities given the depth of their ruck stocks. 

But Nisbett was adamant the South Australian native would stay at West Coast.

"We'll be keeping Scott Lycett," Nisbett said. 

"We're very firm. Scott won't be going anywhere. He's a big part of our plans." 

Nisbett said talks have been ongoing with Lycett's management about his future, but they were no closer to signing a new deal than when they began.

Gaff is also out of contract at the end of the season, but Nisbett confirmed the Eagles had no plans to use the Victorian midfielder at the trade table.

"No chance," Nisbett said. 

"We want 'Gaffy' to play with West Coast. Hopefully he'll play his career here. He's a terrific player."

Nisbett was not as clear on the future of the two premiership players, Cox and Waters. 

Cox is currently weighing up whether to continue on for a 15th AFL season, and Nisbett said the club has not pressured the Eagles games record-holder to make a decision. 

"It's really in Dean's court," Nisbett said. 

"It'll be Dean's call. We think at the moment that's the best place to leave it. He's been assessing his performances like all players do, and he'll make his mind up very soon. 

"When he does, we'll make the necessary decisions after that."  
Waters' future remains in doubt, as he has not played at all in 2014 after being placed on the long-term injury list following ongoing shoulder problems that began when he had reconstructive surgery in 2013.

The courageous defender and former vice-captain is contracted in 2015, but Nisbett is more concerned about his long-term health. 

"We'll have to wait on what the surgeon says when he revisits the surgeon," Nisbett said. 

"They'll have a very, very long discussion, I would think, to see whether it's going to inhibit him not just from a football point of view but later in life. That's the important thing for us, to look after his welfare."

Nisbett is confident that the Eagles will not regress as a team over the next 12 months despite the loss of Darren Glass to retirement and potential further losses of Cox and Waters.

"I think we're going through our pain at the moment," Nisbett said. 

"I think we're in transition and we have been for a little while. We're confident in a lot of the boys we've got on our list to improve and take that next step, but I don't think we have to go backwards to go forward from here. 

"I think we've done that, and I'd be really surprised if we didn't improve markedly in 2015 on the work we're doing this year."