ADELAIDE midfielder Richard Douglas has been sent straight to the AFL Tribunal for his heavy bump on GWS co-captain Callan Ward on Saturday.

The Match Review Panel referred the second-quarter rough conduct charge directly to the Tribunal and Douglas cannot enter an early guilty plea.

Five other are players facing at least one-week suspensions after the MRP's scrutiny of a bruising round five – with the Easter Monday clash between Geelong and Hawthorn still to be assessed.

West Coast captain Darren Glass, North Melbourne key backman Scott Thompson, St Kilda forward Adam Schneider and GWS' Toby Greene can accept one-match bans.

Fremantle small forward Hayden Ballantyne was offered reprimands for two separate incidents involving Sydney Swans defender Rhyce Shaw, but could still miss Friday's Anzac Day clash against North Melbourne.

However, the Western Bulldogs will be relieved after no further action was taken on frontal contact reports against Koby Stevens and Liam Jones.

Adelaide's Douglas was reported by the field umpire for his bump some 10m off the ball, which forced Ward to be substituted out of the game with concussion in the second term of the Giants' 65-point loss.

Giants midfielder Toby Greene remonstrated with Douglas after the big hit and was subsequently charged for striking.

Greene's strike was deemed a level three offence (carrying 225 demerit points and a two-week suspension).

The hit was graded intentional conduct, low impact and high contact.

With no previous record, Greene can reduce the sanction to 168.75 points and a one-week suspension with an early guilty plea.

Over in the west, Eagles full-back Glass' late bump on Port Adelaide star Chad Wingard in the fourth quarter of the Power's 14-point win was deemed reckless conduct, low impact and body contact. 

It drew 125 demerit points, but Glass carried over an extra 93.75 points – leading to a total of 218.75 points and a two-week ban.

An early guilty plea reduces the ban by 25 per cent to 164.06 points and a one-week suspension.

Ballantyne was charged for two run-ins with Rhyce Shaw, both in the second quarter of the Dockers' 17-point defeat.

His strike was deemed intentional, low impact and body contact, for a total of 125 demerit points.

The Docker's kneeing charge was assessed as negligent, low impact and body contact for another 125 points.

With no existing record and early pleas, Ballantyne can accept two reprimands worth 93.75 points each.

However, his points would be added together to total 187.5 points – which would see him cop a week's suspension.

North Melbourne coach Brad Scott said after the Roos' disappointing loss to Collingwood that Scott Thompson "would be shattered" to miss matches after being reported for his strike on Travis Cloke.

But the All Australian defender has been offered a week's ban after the MRP graded his first-quarter stomach punch reckless, low impact and to the body.

Thompson's strike carried 80 demerit points, and his 60 carry-over points increased the total to 140.

Even with an early guilty plea, cutting the total 25 per cent down to 105 points, Thompson would still be suspended for one week.

Saints forward Adam Schneider's poor record means he can't escape a one-week suspension unless he challenges the MRP's findings at the Tribunal.

Schneider's second quarter strike on Essendon's Mark Baguley was assessed as intentional conduct, low impact and body contact and totalled 125 demerit points.

After adding his 93.75 carry-over points, Schneider was facing a two-week ban but an early guilty plea reduces the total to 164.06 points and only one game on the sidelines.