TOBY Greene’s manager has begun negotiating with Greater Western Sydney to reduce the midfielder’s five-week club-imposed suspension. 
Paul Connors is seeking clarification from the Giants over the ban handed to Greene after he was charged by police over a nightclub incident in Melbourne on Monday night.

The club announced on Friday that Greene would be appealing the ban with the backing of the AFL Players’ Association.
"The five weeks surrounds just the fact that he was drinking while he had a minor ankle injury and the fact that he did call the club, but he didn’t just adequately inform the club," Connors told AFL Live.
"So without getting into the nitty gritty, we respect that they’ve got a process to go through, we just want to find out … have some more discussions, and that’s all we’ve done, we’ve opened dialogue we just want to find out a bit more around the whole suspension."
While Greene has been suspended for five matches, Connors said his client could potentially miss up to nine weeks of football.
"If it’s how I’m led to believe it is it’s five weeks AFL and NEAFL, there’s a bye in there, he’s probably going to have to play two weeks in the NEAFL (to get back) and that’s about eight to nine weeks," Connors said.
"So yeah we do (think it’s too tough), but we just want to seek some clarification to see if that’s in fact what it is or whether he can play NEAFL after three or so weeks."
Connors said he had caught up with Giants captain Callan Ward – who he also manages – after Ward was involved in handing down the ban to Greene as part of the club’s leadership group.
"I had lunch, look we’re fine," Connors said.
"We understand there’s sometimes conflict of interests in football … you just work through it. He’s a great leader, he’s a young leader though, and they’re a young leadership group and I’m not sure where they came up with the figure for five.
"Because I’ve been around footy and there’s been lots and lots of other cases in the past and really they’ve let that run its race until a decision has been made."
Connors stressed the club had every right to punish Greene over the incident and he and the club had positive discussions on Saturday.
But Connors said he was a little surprised the club took the step of publicly announcing last night that Green would be disputing the suspension.
"It was a little surprising, but you know that’s their wish," Connors said.
"But again, they’ve got a CEO who is away, Gubby Allan was overseas when it all took place, we’d had some really good discussions."

"He’s very contrite, he knows he’s made a mistake, but is that mistake worth nine weeks, nine weeks until he’s back playing senior football?
"Well I’m just not sure it is, so that’s all we’re seeking, and we’re hoping that he could be playing NEAFL earlier than that."
Connors said Greene knew he had done the wrong thing.
"It affects everyone, and it’s been a terrible time for his family and himself, but he knows that he’s made some mistakes," he said.