ADELAIDE captain Nathan van Berlo has accepted a reprimand and 45 points towards his future record after accepting the Match Review Panel's sanction.

The Crows skipper was offered a reprimand by the panel for striking Brisbane Lions midfielder Tom Rockliff during Saturday's game.

The panel deemed van Berlo's action in the lowest category of striking, level one, and offered him a reprimand and 45 demerit points.

Van Berlo, who had never been charged with any offence since making his AFL debut in 2005, said he wanted to retain his blemish-free record.

He says his contact with Rockliff was accidental as he tried to handball.

"To be honest, I don't know what more I could have done in that situation, I was just trying to get the ball out as we're instructed to do as players," van Berlo told reporters on Monday.

"I'll have a chat with the relevant people at the footy club to see if it's worth challenging that to keep my clean record. There was no intent there other than to clear the ball."

Van Berlo said he took pride from his clean record.

"I like to play hard, play the ball and play in the right spirit of the game," he said.

However, on Tuesday he accepted the sanction.

Two other incidents were assessed.

The first was a tackle that Melbourne defender Tom Gillies laid on Essendon forward Alwyn Davey, in which Davey was pushed into the fence.

The panel found that the force used was below that required to be a reportable offence.

The second involved North Melbourne defender Scott Thompson and Geelong midfielder Mathew Stokes.

Stokes was found to have made high contact with Thompson, but without enough force to constitute a reportable offence.