COLLINGWOOD president Eddie McGuire says hisclub won’t issue any ultimatums to star Harry O'Brien over his reported disputewith coach Nathan Buckley. 

The Magpies say O'Brien was ruled out ofFriday night's blockbuster clash with Carlton because of an ankle injury, but he also had words with Buckley in a team meeting last week. 

The club allowed O'Brien to take personalleave, which he has spent in Port Douglas. 

Buckley had expected to meet with O'Brien on his return on Sunday, but McGuire said that meeting mightn't take placeuntil Tuesday. 

"You don’t put ultimatums to anybody,"McGuire said on radio station Triple M on Monday morning. 

"Everybody has had a couple of days'break to just chill out and have a bit of a think about things, and you comeback together. 

"These are people who genuinely likeeach other, respect each other, work together, have a common goal … and that'sto win the premiership."'s Luke Darcy, a radio colleague of McGuire's, said: "I'venever ever seen it before. I've seen disagreements with coaches before but notto the point where a player needs to take some personal leave on the back ofit." 

McGuire said everyone needed to "takea deep breath". 

"We all know it's Collingwood, we allknow it'll sell. 

"I ran off to Mexico because I was sotired the other week that I said something that was inappropriate on air and gotcleaned up for and I needed some time out. Sometimes you've just got to get yourselfright," he said. 

McGuire rejected a suggestion that O'Brien,who also chastised his president for his remarks about Sydney Swans star AdamGoodes, was a destabilising influence at the club.

"The thing I love about football isyou've got to have individuals around the place. 

"Then you have people in positions ofauthority who say, 'OK, now we need to just pull ourselves together here and workthrough an issue' 

"There are (issues) every week infootball clubs. Not much gets out (but) sometimes these things do … 

"Harry's a really popular guy … 

"When something needs to be discussed orannounced, it will be in due course." 

Ben Collins is a reporter for AFL Media. Follow him onTwitter: @AFL_BenCollins