ESSENDON coach James Hird has described thetreatment of former chairman David Evans as 'a travesty.' 

The Bombers board is expected to meet asearly as today to appoint a new candidate to the top job, with deputy chairmanPaul Little likely to take on the role. 

Evans quit the crisis-hit club on Saturdayafter suffering a health scare in the rooms after Essendon's loss to Hawthornat Etihad Stadium on Friday night. 

Hird will begin preparations for Sunday'sblockbuster clash with Collingwood, but before leaving for work on Mondaymorning spoke publicly for the first time since Evans' exit. 

Evans' full statement

"I've spoken to David, I think he'sgoing to take a short break," Hird told news cameras as he left his Toorakhome. 

"It's a travesty, a big travesty what'shappened to David. We all wish him well," Hird said.

Essendon remains on tenterhooks awaiting the results of the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority and AFL inquiry into its controversial supplements program in 2012.

Meanwhile, Hird's legal team has reportedly accused the AFL of "highly improper"conduct, alleging that the league has repeatedly leaked information about the investigationinto the Essendon supplements scandal. 

News Limitedreported on Monday morning that the Bombers coach and his lawyers were seethingover what they claimed were repeated breaches of confidentiality. 

"We regard the disclosure of this information by ASADA investigatorsor the AFL investigators ... as highly improper," News Limited reported theHird camp writing in a letter to the AFL. 

Hird's lawyers were also critical of public comments made by AFL chiefAndrew Demetriou. 

It was reported that AFL lawyers, in reply, dismissed the accusations. 

The correspondence reportedly began on April 15,when Hird's lawyers first outlined their concerns. 

"Given this is a joint investigation, we areconcerned that the CEO of the AFL has publicly stated he has received reportsabout what transpired at the interviews conducted by the joint investigatorsand then has proffered a public advice based upon the confidential informationwhich is in his possession. 

"We regard the disclosure of thisinformation by ASADA investigators or the AFL investigators ... as highlyimproper." 

In response, AFL integrity officer Brett Clothierreportedly wrote: "We have not refused to provide confidentiality for yourclient, and reject your assertion of bad faith. It is common sense for seniormanagement to be updated on the progress of the investigation on a need-to-knowbasis." 

The Hird camp also wanted the AFL to declare its "arrangements"with journalists, News Limited said. 

Clothier had replied: "The AFL rejects anysuggestion that it has provided confidential information to the media about theinvestigation. We point out that the investigation has been going for almostsix months and now involves over 130 witness interviews. 

"In accordance with standard practice, agreat deal of information has been disclosed by the investigators to witnessesin order to test or corroborate evidence." 

However, Hird's lawyers believed: "The onlysensible conclusion that can be drawn is that the information was sourced fromthe AFL." 

On Sunday, Demetriou departed for the US, leadinga fact-finding delegation comprising club presidents Eddie McGuire(Collingwood), Andrew Newbold (Hawthorn) and Peter Gordon (Western Bulldogs)and AFL Players Association president Matthew Finnis. 

On SEN radio on Monday morning, former Essendon champion Tim Watson, father of Bombers captain Jobe, said the contentious anti-obesity drug AOD-9604 "had passed the ethics committees of 16 hospitals across Australia. 

"It is approved for human consumption." 

Former Carlton coach Robert Walls asked Watson: "As a parent, do you know what was injected in to your son?" 

Watson: "Yes. I do."

Walls: "Are you comfortable with it?"

Watson: "Yes. I am now, yes. 

"But like so many other parents in this, there were times when nobody knew that, because it wasn't part of what had been stipulated as the supplement program. 

"That was the really difficult and complex part of this story. 

"So I am satisfied now that those things administered weren't banned. They weren't illegal, anyway, and they weren't dangerous to Jobe's health."