WESTERN Bulldogs president Peter Gordon will seek a change to the Etihad Stadium contract he says leaves the club "$1 million behind the rest" of the League.

Club and AFL chiefs will meet on Wednesday and Gordon will use the forum to push for better ways to split AFL revenue.

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He is the latest to voice his concerns over the possible emergence of a two-tiered competition.

"I refuse to believe that a heartland club of the League doesn't have a role to play in defining the future of a competition that we helped to create," Gordon said at the Bulldogs' season launch.

"There does need to be a change, an adjustment, not a revolution … in the way the AFL distributes the income that is generated by the game.

"We do stress that in particular, the current Etihad Stadium arrangements, for which we are one of three clubs who start off every year $1 million behind the rest, and over which my predecessor and Simon Garlick's had no say at all, needs to be changed."

While disappointing on-field results have hindered the Bulldogs' ability to generate revenue, Gordon doesn't want the club to be discounted from any monetary debate.

"The fact that we are currently focused on developing our youth, building our resource arsenal and building a brand of footy that matches it with the best, doesn't make us irrelevant to the competition or the debates," Gordon said.

Jacqui Reed is a reporter at AFL Media. Follow her on Twitter @JacquiReedAFL