LANCE Franklin will start pre-season training with the Sydney Swans two weeks ahead of schedule to establish himself with the club's young players.
The superstar forward, who was put on notice by new teammate Adam Goodes this week, will train briefly with the Swans' first to fourth-year players before taking a short break and returning with the senior group on December 2.
Goodes this week said he would be looking at how fit Franklin was when he returned to training, as it would be an indication of his commitment to his new teammates.
Franklin's manager, Liam Pickering, said there was no issue between the former Hawthorn star and Goodes, and Franklin was committed to making a strong impression at his new club.
"He has spoken to 'Goodesy' about it and they're good as gold," Pickering told Melbourne radio station 3AW.
"He said, 'What (Goodes) said was right. Of course I have to present well'.
"He's going to start back on Monday and at least spend a couple of days with the young fellas so they know who he is. He's due back on December 2."
Pickering said Franklin understood the scrutiny he would encounter after signing a nine-year deal worth more than $10 million.
The goalkicker has been counselled on what to expect from the media in Sydney since his move was announced.
"You take the responsibility that comes with accepting a contract like that and moving to a team like Sydney," Pickering said.
"If you think you're going to Sydney to escape media, then it's not going to be the case.
"'Buddy' from an AFL perspective is a celebrity. The Swans have mentioned that to him and so have I.
"He's been up there for five minutes really and there have been a number of stories about him … He's getting his head around it."
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