STAR forward Lindsay Thomas could miss North Melbourne's crucial clash with Richmond next Saturday after head-butting Giant Jacob Townsend at Etihad Stadium on Sunday.
Thomas' head-butt on Townsend was not forceful and the Giant suffered no apparent injuries, but the Match Review Panel is almost certain to scrutinise the incident.

The clash occurred early in the fourth quarter after Thomas was awarded a free kick for being caught high in an attempted tackle by Giants defender Tim Mohr.
Townsend was just behind Thomas at the time and came face to face with him when the Roo went back to take his free kick.
The pair exchanged words before Thomas head-butted Townsend on the forehead. Townsend asked the umpire on the scene whether he had seen the incident, but he said he hadn't.
After the match, North coach Brad Scott said he also hadn't seen the incident.

"I've heard about it since. One of the assistant coaches saw it and didn't think much of it, but I didn't see the incident," Scott said.

"I'll have a look at the vision. I'm told there's nothing in it, but who knows? Let the Match Review Panel look at that."
GWS coach Kevin Sheedy had little sympathy for Townsend, saying he was disappointed the defender had given away a free kick shortly after his clash with Thomas when the Giants had been about to launch a rare second-half attack.
"Townsend probably got head-butted... (but) it wouldn't worry me if he had actually got kicked in it, it doesn't matter, if a player smacks you, knocks you out or whatever, you don't give away a free kick behind the play, just cop it and move on," Sheedy said.
"We had the ball. We were actually moving into our forward line and the umpire reversed the ball back and (paid) a free against Townsend.
"Get over it. I don't give a damn whether your head's still sore. Bad luck."