NONE of the charges against Essendon and four key officials are likely to be resolved before the finals after the club sought an adjournment for Monday's AFL Commission hearing.

The club has followed James Hird, Mark Thompson, Danny Corcoran and Dr Bruce Reid in seeking a postponement of a full hearing of their charges arising from the AFL-ASADA joint investigation.

As the players' parents gathered at Windy Hill on Tuesday night for the fifth meeting with the club's hierarchy, chairman Paul Little confirmed the Bombers had asked for more time to prepare.

"We believe we hadn't been given the information that we require in relation to who will appear to support the charges," Little said, before the meeting.

"There [are] some procedural issues that are still outstanding for us so we've requested an adjournment."

League CEO Andrew Demetriou said earlier on Tuesday that he still expected the Bombers to front the hearing but Little said a speedy resolution was now unlikely.

"I think if the AFL give us the time we need to prepare for this, there is little chance of it being finalised before the finals," he said.

The Bombers' lawyers have requested the AFL advise which witnesses would be called at the hearing and what evidence they were expected to give.

As this has not been forthcoming, the Bombers have said they are "not in a position to proceed next week".

The concerned parents of the players are currently meeting with Little for the first time since he took over from David Evans last month.

It is believed the meeting will last around 90 minutes.

Little said parents would have the opportunity to ask questions about the exact supplements given to the players, with more information now available after the completion of the interim ASADA report.

"The club takes the task of briefing the parents very, very seriously," Little said.

"The parents haven't formally met me yet so it's my chance to speak to them tonight.

"Of course, as well as bring them up to date with the dispute, we want to give them some idea of where we think issues are relating to some of the medical advice that we'll also have available to them tonight.

"It's an information opportunity for parents, we will answer questions and bring them up to date with the dispute.

"We'll wait and see what questions parents ask us about the supplements but of course there is some more information that's come out in the ASADA interim report that will allow us to give the parents more information."

Tim Watson is present at the meeting and expected to speak to media afterwards.

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