ADELAIDE'S Rory Atkins was ruled of Sunday's match after he injured his shoulder after being dumped in a tackle by Gold Coast recruit Brandon Ellis.


The Crows said Atkins has a "high-grade AC joint injury" to his right shoulder.

Rory Atkins sits on the Adelaide bench after injuring his right shoulder against Gold Coast. Picture: Getty Images/AFL Photos

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It came after Ellis dumped Atkins to the ground after he had been dispossessed of the footy, with the tackle likely to earn Match Review scrutiny in the coming week.

Last week's amendments to the Match Review's 'dangerous tackle' rulings won't come into effect in Ellis' case, as he didn't pin Atkins' arms in the tackle.

Instead, the Match Review will likely have to decipher whether Ellis' tackle consisted of more than one action or whether it was in one fluid motion.