CARLTON is gunning to translate fun into wins during its month-long stay on the Gold Coast.

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Second-year Blue Mick Gibbons revealed the players and staff, who are staying at the Royal Palm Resort, had spoken about enjoying the experience despite the "bedlam" of relocating so quickly.

Carlton departed Melbourne on Sunday afternoon for what will be up to a 32-day stay in a Queensland hub that will begin with 14 days of strict quarantine.

Michael Gibbons and Eddie Betts enjoy a Carlton goal. Picture: AFL Photos

"Firstly, we want to get four or five wins out of here and set our season up and get ourselves really rolling," Gibbons said.

"Secondly, we spoke about it last night – the boys want to have fun. It's a great opportunity to get involved and make better relationships with one another.

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"We've got a couple of tournaments starting tonight, FIFA and whatnot, so it'll be good fun and the team that adjusts best will probably represent (that) in their footy."

The Western Bulldogs and North Melbourne arrived at the same resort on Monday, and Gibbons joked there were some "awkward" conversations as they crossed paths over breakfast.

However, he said he and his AFL peers were willing to do whatever was required to keep the season going.

"I understand what everyone is saying and I understand there's a lot of criticism around AFL players at the moment," Gibbons said.

"But I just think, take a step back. Eight or nine weeks ago, we had no footy, and fans were crying out for it.

"I feel as though the players have made a big sacrifice in coming up here – whatever way you look at it.

"We're still adhering to strict protocols and I understand there are bigger things going on in the world, but if we, as entertainers and professionals, can provide a bit of joy for people, then I know we're more than happy to do that."