SYDNEY co-captain Dane Rampe has been fined for his controversial comments towards umpire Jacob Mollison during Friday night's narrow win over Essendon.

Rampe has been fined $10,000 by the AFL after telling Mollison he "talks like a little girl", having conceded a holding the ball free kick during the second quarter.

The AFL confirmed that $5000 of that fine will be suspended for the entirety of his career.

Rampe has also been hit with a fully suspended $1000 fine from the League for scaling the goalpost while Essendon's David Myers took a kick for goal after the siren to win the game.

The kick fell short, with Sydney holding on for a five-point win.

No free kick was paid by umpire Andre Gianfagna, despite seeing Rampe climb the post.

Rampe publicly apologised for the two incidents on Monday afternoon, having earlier been issued with a 'please explain' letter by the AFL.

“As a senior player in our game – and a captain of his football club – Dane is well aware the derogatory nature of his remarks are completely unacceptable and have no place in our game," the AFL's football operations boss Steve Hocking said in a statement.

VFL/AFL players found guilty of shaking a goalpost
 Player  When  Penalty 
 Arthur Hando (Syd)  R9 1924, v Geel Nil
 Jim Spain (Rich)   R10 1924, v Syd  Nil
 Stewart Loewe (StK)  R3 1988, v NM $1000 fine 
 Michael Gibson (Bris)  R2 1990, v Fitz  $1000 fine 
 Darren Wheildon (Fitz)  R22 1993, v Melb  $750 fine
 Dustin Fletcher (Ess)  R16 2001, v NM  $600 fine

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