BRISBANE Lions forward Luke McGuane has failed in his bid to overturn a rough conduct charge and will now pay a $1500 fine for his dangerous tackle on Carlton's Kade Simpson.

McGuane, who has not received a strike this season, fronted the Tribunal on Tuesday night and argued he had become tangled with Simpson, causing the players to lunge forward.

AFL counsel Jeff Gleeson QC said McGuane's tackle was unreasonable because of a second driving action and because it continued after Simpson disposed of the ball.  

"It's inherently dangerous to have a player whose arms are pinned … to be driven head first in that way," Gleeson told the Tribunal. 

"It was a separate motion, effectively propelling him or throwing him into the ground face first.

"It wasn't a case where McGuane couldn't stop himself. All he had to do was relax or release his arms." 

McGuane, who was represented by Gavin Handran and appeared via video link, said he did not realise Simpson had already disposed of the ball.

"I didn't drive him into the ground … I don't see how I drove him into the ground when I dropped to my knees," he said. 

"I was trying to pull him to the side, but he lands on his left leg, which propels us forward.

"I'm not going to let go of him if I don't think he's got rid of the ball."