IT WAS a blast from the past at the top of the leader board with some fallen premiums finding form at the right time of year as we head into finals next week. It was also nice to see Blues superstar Patrick Cripps bounce back and reward his faithful coaches with a dominant performance against the Crows which more than made up for last week's disappointing return against the Suns

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Fantasy Pig

Seb Ross: Last year Seb Ross was winning people cars with an unbelievable run of form in the second half of the year. This year he has been well down, averaging 92 and dropping $188k. It was a welcome return to form however with a sensational game against the Demons where he collected 31 possessions, took seven marks, laid nine tackles and kicked two goals for 146. He could be an under-priced premium option heading into the finals if that is a sign of things to come under Ratten.

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Honourable mention: Kade Simpson certainly turned back the clock with a sensational performance against the Crows. The veteran defender has dropped $215k since the start of the year but that didn't look the case as he provided plenty of attack off half back with 31 possessions and a whopping 12 marks for 142.

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Nic Newman: Given the Blues defender's form over the last month, matched up with the Crows and amazing numbers at the MCG, I pencilled Newman in for a score in the range of Kade Simpson. Unfortunately, recent roles were reversed and despite a good first half, Newman went missing in the second, eventually scoring just 68.

Honourable mention: Jack Ziebell had a great run as a midfielder, but that streak of premium scoring is well and truly over, meaning this is more than a rage trade if you haven't managed to offload him yet. The Roos hard nut continued his streak of sub hundred games with 61 from just 12 possessions and needs to be moved on to a consistent high scorer like the in-form Toby Greene.

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Doulton Langlands had a great second game for the Saints and looks a likely downgrade target after scoring 75 points. He managed to take an impressive seven marks to go with 14 possessions and a goal which should do his job security no harm through the finals.

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Trade Targets
  • Toby Greene
  • Patrick Cripps
  • Bachar Houli
  • Seb Ross
  • Marc Murphy
Fantasy Mailbag

Unfortunately, it appeared that way. He played a lot more forward and Selwood lacks the versatility to do that. Thankfully he found a way to score over 80 in the second half to save his score.

The Greene machine is running amok, jump on.

A lot of defenders underperformed this week but having said that, Smith is a keeper for sure now.

Great work! It’s certainly lonely when your PODs fail but weeks like this for you make up for it.

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